A meaningful gift can say so much

It really is the thought that counts

There are many ways to thank employees and customers that can range from zero dollars to hundreds of dollars. Believe it or not, often the monetary value of the gift does not matter as much as the thought that was put into it. Employee and customer retention is in crisis mode for many businesses as customers want to shop online and employees want to work from home.

Before another valuable person exits your doors for good, reflect on the heartfelt things you have done to earn their loyalty. If you can’t think of many, don’t fret. Here are some ways to communicate that you do appreciate your employees and customers.

A personal note 

While handwritten notes are not dead, they do seem to be dying. The US Post Office reports that the number of personal letters mailed has declined over the past decade. That is unfortunate because a thoughtful, personal note can touch someone’s heart more than an expensive gift or a discount and it is free to do. OK, it does cost about fifty-five cents for a stamp, but a personal note’s true value is priceless. 

A group activity 

Humans are innately social animals, which is why the isolation of the pandemic took its toll on so many. When combined with the solitude of working from home, people need and appreciate opportunities to gather. With that understanding and just a couple of hundred dollars, you can fill their need for human connection. Sure you could take your team to lunch or take a customer to dinner, but that is not special. For the same cost, you can create an experience that is meaningful and memorable. 

Two local ideas:

  • Rock ‘n Ribs on October 14-15. Treat a group to live music, Southern food and your hospitality at this food and music festival. Tickets are available at rocknribshhi.com.
  • Savannah Ghost Pirates. Hockey has come to Savannah and promises to be a fun time for fans and future fans. Group seats and private boxes are available for your gang. Visit ghostpirateshockey.com for more information.

A gift to share 

It is hard not to smile with joy and anticipation when opening a gift basket, wondering what treats you will pocket for yourself and what you will share. Give that joy to an employee or customer any time of the year because gift baskets are not just for birthdays or Christmas gifts. A basket of Lowcountry treats is always appreciated and has the side benefit of supporting local businesses. Here are some occasions you may not have thought of to recognize with a sweet treat:

  • Birthday or anniversary
  • Thank you for referring someone
  • Congratulations on the completion of a project
  • Welcome to a new home or pet
  • Just because 

For custom gift ideas, visit eaglecreations16.com

A personal touch

Nothing is as classy and thoughtful as a handwritten note, especially on elegant stationery.

The gift of fun

Surprise employees or customers with a fun activity that they will remember and cherish. Game on!

A gift to share

A basket from Eagle Creations can be personalized and customized for any budget.



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