Big things ahead

Hilton Head’s first specialized wrap company helps build brands and helps companies communicate in a big way

By Ellen linnemann

When he left his job at a surf shop to take his first 9 to 5 job at a print shop at 19 years old, Jordan Lemmon had no idea that the job would go on to shape his future and lead to some truly “big” things ahead. Although he started out doing table work at the print shop, when the production manager decided to leave the company, his boss came to him with a statement that would set him on his future career course, telling him, “if you can learn to wrap vehicles and boats, you can be production manager.” He seized the opportunity, learned (and perfected) the process and hasn’t looked back since.

In March of 2021, after nine years in the industry, Jordan started his own company: H.H. Wrap Company ( The company, which is the first specialized wrap company in Hilton Head, works closely with each client throughout the process of designing and developing visual branding wrap products offering a unique way to help clients grow and be able to visualize the success of their company, as well as a way to customize their personal toys. HH Wrap wraps vehicles, boats, golf carts, walls, buildings – and anything at all that anybody wants to have wrapped (with Jordan noting that “we’ve never turned anything down.”). The company, which is based on Hilton Head Island and has helped many Lowcountry businesses be seen in vivid detail on the roads and waters throughout our area and beyond, welcomes any on-location job no matter the destination – and to date has served locations ranging from North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale. 

As a startup, Jordan has the advantages of having more than 30 years of experience under their roof. In addition, being a “true native to Hilton Head Island” also has provided Jordan with valuable experience and insight to both launch and grow his business.

“Not only am I lucky enough to live in this beautiful place, but I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of bringing a rapidly growing industry to my local community, which is what truly drives my business,” said Jordan, noting his passion for not only this industry and his company, but for being a staple in his hometown and helping build the brands surrounding it. “I have grown up watching my mentors Frank and Susan Gaston, Byron Sewell, Shane Gould, Brooke McCullough, Glen Barroncini, Lucas Brinsa and so many others be such a huge part of the island community, continue to give back, and create such a well-respected name for themselves. It is amazing to have such successful people in my life to look up to.”

Jordan and his team take tremendous pride in their work, with Jordan noting that, even after nine years in the industry, he is constantly learning to this day.

“No two vehicles are the exact same, due to condition, paint, disassembly, and curves, so I practice a lot of patience on a daily basis,” he said. “Still, no matter how big the job, at H.H. Wrap we love the challenge, and will never turn down an opportunity to further grow our knowledge.”

When he’s not working, Jordan spends his days with his girlfriend, Hunter Acker (also a HHI native) – where the two, who both grew up surfing and skating as kids, try to get in the water or go skate any chance they can. He also spends as much time as possible working on his growing business – focusing on the thing that remains the most important to him: his clients.

“Everything we do is for our clients – we wouldn’t be a company without them,” said Jordan. “My focus is that every job is completely custom and we collaborate with the client to really bring them into the experience to give them something that feels like they helped create, and that they are in love with the final product. We look at every job as a partnership and not a “one off job” that we just want to get done by 5 p.m. We work long hours to meet our clients’ deadlines and to keep up with our full schedule — and we love doing it.”

As Jordan continues to take H.H. Wrap Company into the future, look for even more of his dynamic branding work on vehicles, boats – and a variety of other visual branding wrap products throughout the Lowcountry (and beyond). There are big things ahead for this growing startup.

In launching, and growing, his business, Jordan stresses the importance of having a passion for what you do, noting his company’s passion for their work and clients in supporting their business success — and offers these three takeaways for others starting their own business:

  1. Faith over fear. “My first year I found myself having a lot of fear that I was not going to make rent or pay bills the next month,” Jordan notes. “Someone once told me ‘if you’re truly passionate about something you will not let yourself fail.’”
  2. Hire sooner. “My design and install manager Otto Chamberlain is a huge part of this company,” says Jordan. “I really wish I could have had him from day one!”
  3. Grow with the company. “I think a lot of companies experience shortcomings and failures in the beginning,” he says. “Today, I choose to understand everything that has happened in this path I am walking. It’s what gives this company (and me) character, knowledge and experience on how to handle situations better in the future.”


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