Building on a budget

Five cost-effective ways to grow your business in 2022

By Hannah Massen

The new year gives us the motivation we need to push the pedal a little harder and pursue our goals with greater focus – especially after a year like 2021. Business owners and CEOs are looking to scale up their companies on the eve of what economists are calling an economic surge. But if your business was hit hard during the pandemic (like many others), you’ll have to grow your business strategically and efficiently. 

Think you don’t have the resources you need to grow this year? Think again. These are low-cost, proven methods you can use to scale up your business. 

Focus on what you can do

With COVID-19 rules and regulations still in place, business owners are well aware of what they can’t do. But putting the focus on what you can do right now will help you develop an action-oriented mindset and a more profitable business plan for 2022. Whether you decide to revamp your website or use this time to strengthen your relationship with customers, setting measurable goals now will keep you from staying stagnant. 

Create high-quality content

Content sits at the heart of any good marketing strategy, but is often low on business owners’ lists of priorities. It’s not that they’re incapable of posting to Instagram, but the process is time-consuming and they don’t see immediate returns. But with potential buyers spending more time online than ever, it’s worth investing in your social media presence. 

Streamline your process

Are your stockrooms cluttered with old inventory, or you still haven’t made the transition from a paper to a digital system? It’s time to embrace the “out with the old, in with the new” mantra. Making simple adjustments to streamline your process will help you stay competitive and productive. 

Wow with impressive customer service 

Great customer service doesn’t just mean providing a listening ear, it’s about providing smart solutions to unexpected problems. It’s time to make customer happiness a company policy, not just customer satisfaction. If you’re not busy putting out fires, then going the extra mile to offer bonuses, incentives and rewards to loyal customers will keep them coming back and can boost your reputation.


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