Case study: How Custom Audio Video is meeting changing customer needs

The need for speed and security is now on steroids.

Custom Audio Video has seen consumers’ needs and trends evolve since 1996, but since the onset of Covid, that evolution has become a revolution as people realize that ‘off the shelf’ and DIY tech solutions can’t meet their needs.

The challenge

Surge in customer demand.

Prior to 2020, a slow connection was tolerable when work, school and life didn’t depend on a fast and secure network all operating in the same location. A decent television in the great room was good enough for watching ‘a show or two’ each evening. Then, BAM; movies launched ‘straight to streaming,’ Zoom meetings were running throughout the house simultaneously, and cyber hacks dominated evening-news headlines. 

According to Sean Stewart, sales and marketing manager at Custom Audio Video, “We are finding that homeowners and businesses owners who were thinking about one day maybe upgrading their networks and systems now need to do it and do it quickly. Network speed and security are no longer a ‘nice to have.’”

The solution

Customized solutions to meet unique needs.

Custom Audio Video works closely with Hargray to ensure that internet connectivity Hargray installs is maximized throughout a home or office. As Sean Stewart puts it “Hargray installs the fastest pipe, usually fiber optics, and we design and build the fastest network on top of that, including best-in-class modems, routers and strategically placed access points depending on the layout and structure of each home or office.”

The power of this solution is the agility the local partnership brings to the customer as both companies can respond quickly and work together rather than ‘blame the other guy’ for issues. As Jose Vargas of Hargray states, “Hargray is a local company and as such, we live in the communities we serve so we understand the heightened importance of connectivity and security for our neighbors. Working with a hands-on partner like locally owned and operated Custom Audio Video helps us resolve issues quickly for both our residential and enterprise customers.”

The results

Didn’t miss a beat.

Maintained high client satisfaction: Despite a surge in demand during the pandemic, Hargray and Custom Audio Video were able to meet the rise in installations, upgrades and home networking demands. Clients appreciated the fast service and Covid procedures that were followed at the time.

Ability to adapt and scale: The ability for both companies to offer remote diagnostics and to collaborate eliminated downtime. As streaming, home theaters and home office demand surged, Hargray and Custom Audio Video were able to expand their offerings and deploy the latest technology to meet the need for speed and security. What were once two different customers, a home and a business customer, are often now one and the same.

Key takeaway

Good is no longer good enough.

Off-the-shelf and traditional technology solutions are not fast, stable or secure enough for the ‘new normal.’ Even as people return to the office, managers now face the cry from employees to make the office as fast as their home connection. This means both Hargray and Custom Audio Video will continue to partner to meet customers’ ongoing and changing demands.

1. Coverage is critical: Multiple devices must run at the same time at home, the office and the home office. So make sure you have strong access from every room, especially as you move room to room.

2. Invest intelligently: No longer is a fast and safe internet connection a monthly expense. Think of it as an investment in your productivity and sanity.

3. Plan and prepare: Experts agree, unfortunately, that it is not a matter of if there will be another pandemic-like event, but when. Don’t wait to prepare – load up on toilet paper now and make sure your home and offices are running on the fastest possible, most reliable service and network.


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