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Palmera Inn & Suites hires Hargray to overhaul Wi-Fi

By Leslie T. Snadowsky

Palmera Inn & Suites, a boutique hotel that boasts access to the best beaches, shopping, restaurants, and golf courses Hilton Head Island has to offer, is providing its guests an extra amenity on par with its spacious accommodations – complimentary Wi-Fi. 

With property-wide Wi-Fi service that caters to the needs of those seeking online services and entertainment as well as those using it for remote work or schooling, Palmera says its all-suite hotel provides unbeatable value for a vacation getaway.

At Palmera Inn and Suites guests can take advantage of high-speed Wi-Fi in the comfort of their guestrooms and throughout the hotel property. They can even get online while lounging poolside.


Supply not meeting demand.

“With the increase in usage of devices, technology and internet needs by our guests, we noticed we were having a lot of connectivity issues,” said Susana Cook, the general manager of Palmera Inn & Suites. “If our guests have multiple cell phones and multiple devices in every suite, we want to ensure everyone will connect effectively and receive uninterrupted service.”

Cook says before the Covid-10 pandemic, guests at Palmera primarily needed reliable wireless and online services for their cell phones and devices to make calls, play games, look up local restaurant websites to scan menus and book adventure activities. During the pandemic, guests were additionally working and schooling remotely and needed better and more reliable service.

Palmera reached out to Hargray to upgrade and install new equipment to provide better internet coverage throughout the entire property, including its suites, common areas, lobby building, fitness center, Jacuzzi and swimming pool deck.


Better bandwidth for confident connectivity.

“Palmera Inn & Suites was ultimately looking to transform its guest experience and deliver the connectivity and entertainment needs its guests were looking for,” said Hargray’s strategic accounts manager, Jennifer Weidner. “Hargray Communications built fiber into the property to support delivering dedicated GIG symmetrical fiber internet services, robust Aruba-managed Wi-Fi and HD video (cable TV).”

Hargray provided Palmera with the bandwidth capabilities to support an entire property of guests that are streaming and surfing the web. The significant property infrastructure upgrade has given guests confidence they always will have connectivity to meet their needs while away from home or work.


Upgrade leads to increased, reliable usage.

“We were trying to keep up with the demand of our customers and increase the number of devices that could connect at any given time, in every family-friendly suite and throughout the entire property,” Cook said. “Hargray was able to deliver the products that allowed us to meet our customers’ needs. We have much better connectivity now.”

Cook says Hargray has solved Palmera’s problem 100 percent, and since the upgrade no one has raised issues about slow connection speeds or internet services.


Don’t be afraid to try.

“We had to look for a solution that was feasible and possible in our environment because we’re on a small island with few options,” Cook said. “We gave Hargray’s products a try and were fortunate to get the results we were looking for.”

As Cook said, in business, you need to identify your problem, look at your options and make your decision, but you’ll never know if something works unless you try it.

“We tried it, it worked and we’re happy, and we’re going to continue adapting as things change,” Cook said. “And we look forward to partnering with a company that also evolves with the technological challenges life throws at us every day.




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