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A naturalist brings ‘Moore to Life’ in the Lowcountry

By Ellen Linnemann

As a teacher back in 2008, one of the things Jill Moore loved most was the opportunity to be part of the Master Naturalist program – where, one weekend a month, teachers traveled all over the Lowcountry to learn everything about the unique Lowcountry ecosystem. Most of all, though, she loved sharing this knowledge about nature with her students by incorporating lessons in an outdoor classroom, as well as exploring nature trails and the beach during family science nights.

So when she was asked if she would like to teach nature programs to the children of Oldfield that summer, she jumped at the chance. The seed was planted. She knew she had found a way to combine her love of teaching and the outdoors with her newfound knowledge of the unique ecosystem of the Lowcountry. She then was offered a full-time position as the community’s staff naturalist. With her classroom becoming the great outdoors, her passion to continue learning and sharing was ignited. And while working as the naturalist in a private community was very fulfilling, she sought out opportunities to do more. She serves on the Lowcountry Master Naturalist Board and volunteers with the Outside Foundation on Hilton Head in order to educate more Lowcountry residents about our unique region. 

With more people than ever discovering the benefits of being outdoors, Jill Moore is thrilled to combine her love of teaching with her passion for the beauty of the Lowcountry to bring “more to life” to both residents and tourists through a full range of personalized events and nature programs — including private nature walks, nature events and “Lowcountry 101” presentations.

Following the adage of “do what you love,” Moore loves sharing her passion for this area and welcomes the opportunity to teach people about the natural beauty of the Lowcountry while also sharing the importance of protecting our unique environment. But once again, she believed that there was even more that the combination of her teaching experience and love of nature could offer. So when the pandemic hit, she knew that nature could bring more to people’s lives. She launched “Moore to Life,” (moore2lifesc.com), her own nature company that provides nature-based programs to local residents, communities and tourists. 

“A bright side to the pandemic is that people have had a chance to slow down and be outdoors more than ever,” says Moore, who notes that the Lowcountry is ‘like no other place on earth.’

“Getting outside and connecting with nature is such a therapeutic way to spend time, and with many studies showing that people function best when they have access to and a connection with nature, I’m so happy to help people discover a passion and appreciation for the unique areas that surround us.”

Offering a full range of personalized events and nature programs including private nature walks, nature events and “Lowcountry 101” presentations, Moore is excited about the potential growth of the business.

“I have so many plans, and I meet new people every day who are as excited for the potential as I am,” she notes. “As soon as possible, I’ll be offering nature-based trips, from local overnights to weekend getaways. I also see a need for providing nature-related retreats and hope to work with local groups in the area to offer activities to promote wellness connected with the outdoors.”

With her love of teaching, love of nature and love of meeting new people, Jill Moore is thrilled to have found a way to bring more to life to people throughout our area right now. Having brought Moore to Life to fruition this year, she plans more growth in the years ahead.

Three takeaways for business owners

1. When something is not your strong suit, don’t be afraid to seek out help and learn from others.

2. Try not to take things too personally when something doesn’t go as planned.

3. Don’t allow fear of change or the unknown stop you from doing something you love. Take a chance and believe in yourself and all of the possibilities. And dream big!

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