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Healthy workplace communication builds strong teams and gets even stronger results.

Communication is important for any business or workplace, but it’s something offices don’t always get right. Good communication with employees and staff helps create a successful working relationship by fostering an atmosphere that promotes productivity, trust, loyalty, teamwork and satisfaction. It also fuels innovation, resolves issues and creates better client relationships. 

In contrast, poor communication often creates confusion, stress and frustration. When communication in the workplace is not clear, concise and consistent, employees can struggle to stay engaged, accomplish tasks and improve productivity. Passive-aggressive behavior, malicious gossip, use of intimidation tactics and team members who play the Blame Game can pose major issues for a business and can lead to damaged workplace morale, negative company culture and even lawsuits. 

This Q3 issue of LOCAL Biz focuses on improving your workplace communications in a positive way — how to shore up your own weaknesses and overcome someone else’s — all from a local perspective. Successful local owners and experts share their best practices and offer solutions for overcoming common challenges. You’ll read inspirational stories, learn innovative techniques and find valuable resources through content that is delivered in a style that is easy to read, informative and actionable. 

We hope it leaves you feeling smarter and inspires you to explore the benefits of improved communication in all of your collaborative processes. Workplace communication is more important than ever. With people working longer hours, and often in non-traditional settings, it is vital that employees effectively communicate. Hopefully, this issue can help your workplace accomplish that.

Lance Hanlin,


“Communication works for those who work at it.”

— John Powell

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