Excellence in Service: Bob Engler

Customer service built on individuality

Bob Engler – Owner of Budget Blinds of Hilton Head & Budget Blinds of Pooler and Statesboro


Click: budgetblinds.com/hiltonheadisland & budgetblinds.com/pooler-statesboro-ga

Call: 843-837-4060 (Hilton Head) & 912-436-6806 (Pooler) 

Connect: @BudgetBlindsHiltonHeadIsland, @BudgetBlindsofPooler 

Come in: 11 Sheridan Park Circle, Suite 2, Bluffton & 1 North Godley Station Blvd. a104, Pooler

Bob, how would you define exceptional customer service?

Honestly, it’s whatever the customer thinks it is. I think one of the most important things in meeting each customer’s service expectations is listening to them. Unfortunately, many people don’t listen to what people are saying; they are only listening to respond. Every customer has different needs.

Why is excellent customer service so important? Exceptional customer service is important because without it, you won’t have any customers.

What sets your company apart from others? For almost 18 years, we have made an investment in building a family-run business that provides our people with a great place to work. We take pride in having longstanding employees whom we have given opportunities to grow in the company. Some have been with us from the beginning.

What 3 things does your company do to provide exceptional customer service?

1. We hire and continually train good people who want an opportunity and not just a job.

2. We always ensure we are available to help customers; our showroom is fully staffed with great people, and our consultants take pride in helping customers make the right choices based on their needs.

3. We listen to understand the customer’s needs and expectations.

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