Excellence in Service: Brenda Ehrlich, Dr. James Gigante, Yvette Laureano & Penny

Excellent customer service is the best medicine

Brenda Ehrlich, Dr. James Gigante, Yvette Laureano & Penny  – Hilton Head Internists


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Come in: 35 Bill Fries Drive, Building H, 2nd Floor, Hilton Head

Dr. Gigante, how would you define exceptional customer service? I once heard someone say, “You can’t fake sincerity,” and we sincerely care about our patients. When patients leave our office, I want them to have had the best experience possible. 

Brenda, why is excellent customer service so important?

It is the right thing to do. 

Yvette, what sets your company apart from other concierge internal medicine services? We have clearly defined the importance of picking up our phones when they ring. What began as a contest to see who could get to the phone first has become a staple of who we are as a business. Getting a human on the phone when you call is a standout in a world dominated by phone trees.

What things does your company do to provide exceptional customer service?

Customer service is not something we see as a list of things; we see it as an attitude, a general bearing that we hope permeates our office culture. Brenda and Yvette are the faces of our business and our office family. Brenda’s lively personality and can-do approach to everything are the first encounters patients have when they arrive at the office. Yvette’s versatility and straightforward personality are a benefit to patients. Furthermore, she keeps Dr. Gigante in line!

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