Excellence in Service: Dale Akins

Local Lawyer Striving to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

Dale Akins – Akins Law Firm, LLC

Meet Dale

Click: www.akins.law 

Call:  (843) 757-7574

Connect: dakins@akins.law

Come in: 6 Johnston Way, Unit 2A, Bluffton, SC

Dale, how would you define exceptional customer service? 

When the client knows and understands how much I care about their case. 

Why is excellent customer service so important?

It is the very core of professionalism.

What sets your company apart from other concierge internal medicine services? 

I am very selective in the cases I take on, which enables me to spend more time with each individual client.

What three things does your company do to provide exceptional customer service?

1. Listen critically to the client’s concerns and needs.

2. Communicate fully to ensure clients understand their case.

3. Act promptly and professionally in the best interest of the client.

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