Excellence in Service: Kathy Nolan and Sean Nolan

Mother-son duo excels in financial customer service

Kathy Nolan and Sean Nolan – Founding members and wealth management advisors Family Focus Financial Group


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Sean, how would you define exceptional customer service? To us, customer service is defined as ensuring that everyone who comes to see us is treated with the respect and given the proper attention and care they deserve. We strive to help them find the answers they sought when they visited our firm.

Kathy, why is excellent customer service so important? Providing exceptional customer service is of utmost importance when your business revolves around assisting people. Regardless of whether you can fulfill their needs or not, treating them with respect is essential, as there are individuals who rely on us and entrust us with their most personal matters in life. That’s why it is crucial to maintain exceptional customer service and handle these matters with utmost care and sensitivity.

What sets your financial group apart from others? We pride ourselves on being a family owned business that strongly focuses on family values. The principles and ethics that define us have been handed down through generations, guaranteeing their presence in everything we do.

What three things does your company do to provide exceptional customer service?

1. We are always learning and expanding our knowledge. This way, we can stay ahead of the changing times, ensuring our clients are in the best position to succeed.

2. We take the time to truly get to know our clients and their families so they know they can trust us for generations to come.

3. We have tremendous pride in always doing what is in our clients’ best interests and ensuring we do the right thing.

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