Excellence in Service: Lili Coleman & Joe Scalzo

When customer service saves lives

Lili Coleman & Joe Scalzo – Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels Bluffton-Hilton Head


Click: mowblufftonhiltonhead.org  

Call: 843-802-0919

Connect: execdirector@mowblufftonhiltonhead.org, #MOWBlufftonHiltonHead, #MOWBLFHH

Come in: 75 Capital Drive, Suite B, Hilton Head

Lili, how would you define exceptional customer service?
Immediate and reliable listening, action and results.

Why is excellent customer service so important? For our clients, it is important because it is a lifeline to fight hunger and social isolation. For our clients’ loved ones it’s reassurance that their senior family members are receiving a regular, nutritious meal and a wellness check. For our donors it’s knowing that their support has a major impact on the nutritional health and medical care of our most vulnerable population.

What sets your business apart from others? Meals on Wheels’ mission is to fight hunger and social isolation in our senior, elderly, handicapped and homebound neighbors. We provide a program that is consistent and regularly provides contact with the outside world. Social isolation and loneliness are a growing public health concern with negative consequences. We advocate, develop programs and provide outreach to our clients with a wide variety of regular companionship opportunities to help promote social connection, such as telephone reassurance, friendly visits and pet programs.

What three things does your company do to provide exceptional customer service?

1. We work with our clients and their families to ensure our clients get a medically tailored meal they will eat, are in a safe environment, and that they have the family and friends support needed to be independent as long as possible. 

2. We act as their support if they are socially isolated, Monday through Friday, with a knock on the door and follow-up when needed with their emergency contacts. 

3. We also started a program to provide the support our clients need to keep their furry friends in their lives through a pet program.

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