Faces of growth: Dr. Stephanie Jamison-Void

This mental health professional is bringing a better way and a better life to people throughout the Lowcountry

By Ellen Linnemann 

When Dr. Stephanie Jamison-Void first “fell in love with the work of mental health” 28 years ago, she thought she would be a counselor. However, as her first job in the field quickly changed to more of an administrative position, she discovered that not only was she passionate about helping people in the area of mental health, but she was also developing a strong passion for organizational leadership – earning her master’s in human resources development and working as the human resources director for a behavioral health center in North Carolina where she was responsible for all of the hiring and training. 

Bringing together her strong background in behavioral health with her desire to help people receive the behavioral health services they need, Jamison-Void (who received her Ph.D. in organizational psychology in 2021) opened her own practice, Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center, in 2010 – helping children, adolescents and families enhance their lives through counseling and behavior modifications, as well as providing Medicaid-targeted case management. By providing Medicaid-funded behavioral health service, Jamison Consultants enables those with Medicaid to have access to a broad range of services that are often critical for individuals and families today – and which can make a true difference in their lives. As a licensed provider with the SC Department of Health and Human Services and the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, Jamison Consultants provides top-quality care to patients throughout the region.

In the years since first launching Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center, Jamison-Void continued to grow Jamison Consultants’ locations and services — going from one employee (herself) to more than 50 people on staff in seven offices throughout the Lowcountry. Her strong leadership and desire to help bring mental health services to all those who need them included opening a location in the Beaufort County area in 2013 when she saw that there was a lack of services in Beaufort County for those with Medicaid.

“I saw that a significant percentage of the population in Beaufort County was on Medicaid, and they were lacking core mental health services such as individual/family therapy and behavior modification,” Jamison-Void said. “By opening my practice here in Beaufort County, we are able help so many people who previously weren’t able to get services and receive the help they need.” 

As CEO of Jamison Consultants Integrative HealthCare Services (jamisonconsultants.com), Jamison-Void puts her love of, and skills in, organizational leadership to work as she oversees all integrative health care programs and services at locations in Bluffton, Beaufort, Ridgeland, Orangeburg, Holly Hill, Columbia and Savannah. She also spearheaded launching family urgent care centers in Ridgeland, Holly Hill and Orangeburg that offer acute care, wellness visits, immunizations, developmental screenings, behavioral consultations and medical care for the entire family.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I love training and developing staff to be the best people they could possibly be in leadership, in management and in supervisory skills. I love that part about being in mental health, and that is definitely one of my strong points.” 

Jamison-Void also points to her love of women’s basketball as being an important part of her life here in the Lowcountry. 

“I am a fanatic when it comes to women’s basketball,” said Jamison-Void, who played women’s basketball for four years in college on a full athletic scholarship. “When I moved to Beaufort County, I found myself coaching at May River High School, where I’ve been coaching since 2016.” As the head coach of the junior varsity girls basketball team and assistant coach of the varsity team, Jamison-Void expressed how much she loves the program – and being part of it.

“That is my therapy,” she says. “It’s something that I really enjoy doing. In addition to the day-to-day business of running my company, I love finding the energy to go out and encourage these ladies to be the best they can be.”

Jamison-Void also points to her love of the Lowcountry’s beaches and the importance of her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated in her life. Most of all, she loves spending time with her family, including her husband, Stacey, and her boys. She said her parents are her lifeline. “I can just call them and talk to them anytime,” she said. Jamison-Void’s mother, Jackie, is a pastor at an AME Church, and her father, Willie, who had retired after more than 40 years with Georgia Pacific, came out of retirement to help his daughter with her business and now runs Jamison Transportation Services.

Noting that she’s “an extrovert, by all means,” Jamison-Void said she’s one of those people who others say is “forever smiling” — and that it’s true. 

“I find something in everything to smile about and strive to be happy, to be grateful and to still have a level of humility in everything I do. I am also results driven: from clients coming into the office, to people I meet on the street, to my executive team. I just want to show that there can be a positive result from your hard work and dedication. That’s just one of the motivating factors that I possess every day.”

With its tagline of “A Better Way. A Better Life,” Jamison Consultants Integrative HealthCare Services continues to help improve the lives of so many individuals in medically underserved areas in South Carolina and Georgia — helping to change lives, as well.

Three takeaways from Dr. Stephanie Jamison-Void

Advice for people starting a business:

1. Surround yourself with the best people you can find – and train them from beginning to end to watch them grow.

2. Don’t give up. Ever.

3. Keep it real!

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