Faces of the Lowcountry – Richard Posner

How the pandemic lead to partnership and innovation.

Winning an industry award is always a great honor and important recognition. But for Richard Posner, president of the Beaufort-based Dust Solutions, it also was the catalyst for what would, years later, spur a partnership that is making a difference both during the current pandemic and for years to come. 

While receiving the “Export Award” from the South Carolina Department of Commerce four years ago for his company’s unique dust suppression systems, Posner met Dr. Arthur Martin, another winner. Martin’s company, Bluffton-based Global Infection Control Consultants, has global experience controlling the spread of infectious diseases in buildings. The two talked while at the awards ceremony about how they could possibly work together as companies, using Dust Solutions’ unique equipment combined with Global Infection Control Consultants’ innovative disinfectants. Although nothing came to fruition that day, the two stayed in touch through the years and what happened next is a testament to the true power of networking. 

With the pandemic bringing the critical issue of sanitization to the forefront, it also brought both Posner and Martin to the idea of forming a strategic relationship to help fight COVID-19. GIobal Infection Control Consultants had developed and manufactured the world’s leading organic, non-GMO, alcohol-free, anti-pathogenic solution proven to be effective in combating over 150 individual pathogens — including being designated as 99.99% effective against the Betacoronavirus Species COVID-19. With Dust Solutions’ portable unit to infuse this disinfectant solution into general building interiors for added protection or for emergency use, the combination of these two innovative technologies allows building owners to provide a healthy, safe indoor environment. In addition, combining forces and technologies also allows this effective organic-based disinfectant to protect vehicles used by police, fire, EMT and public transportation systems. The Bluffton Police Department uses the system to decontaminate police vehicles and protect officers. The two companies donated 100 bottles of sanitizer and the fogger machine to the police department this spring.

“The strategic partnership formed between our two companies, and the combination of our innovative technologies, were not only an important factors in the growth of both of our businesses but, most importantly, offered the potential to help countless first responders, businesses and individuals throughout the Lowcountry and throughout the country provide effective sanitization,” says Posner. “The fact that we connected again to form this important strategic relationship is a perfect example of the benefits of business networking and, even more importantly, of staying in touch through the years.” In addition to combining the two technologies, the strategic partnership extends even further with Posner recommending Global CCI’s disinfectants, and Martin recommending Dust Solutions’ foggers, to clients and potential clients.

DSI technology uses a special air-atomizing nozzle that produces a very dry fog to agglomerate and remove airborne dust particles from various material handling and processing operations.

Posner is continuing to lead Dust Solutions into new areas and new markets. The company, which always provided a wide variety of industrial solutions, is moving into commercial markets -— launching its first commercial division, Fog Clean, and a backpack-style, commercial-friendly design. This mobile solution offers convenient options in dust suppression and sanitization anywhere – from restaurants, gyms, cleaning companies and anywhere needed. 

As Posner continues to take Dust Solutions into the future, one thing is clear: the power of networking is real. You never know when it can lead to a strategic partnership that can not only help your own business, but help so many others in the process. Grateful for the opportunity to have joined forces with a contact made years ago, Posner offers some tips for others based on his lessons of 2020.

Three takeaways

1. Stay in touch with people through the years and build the relationship. “By staying in touch with Art over the past four years, it was a natural step for the two of us to start talking about ways our companies could work together in light of the current health crisis, and how our combined technologies could help,” he said. 

2. Be flexible. “Have the ability to move quickly,” he said. “For us, having the ability to pivot quickly was key. We have a motor boat and not a cruise ship. We can turn quickly. This was completely organic and nothing was invested except time.”

3. Keep organized.“Having our dust suppression business as organized as it was allowed us to divert time and effort from people within our company to start this,” says Posner. “Our core business was extremely organized and critical to the success of being able to take on this new challenge so quickly.”

Dust Solutions Inc. has worked with industry clients around the world to resolve fugitive dust challenges in complex and critical work environments.


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