The Brooks Family, Island Getaway Rentals
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Family Legends: The Brooks Family

This vacation rental company’s family puts other families first 

The Brooks Family, Island Getaway Rentals

What’s the most gratifying thing about working with your family? 

The opportunity to spend time with the people you love and watch the bond you have formed advance to the next level. Working together has caused the support and respect for one another to increase dramatically.

What is the biggest struggle you’ve faced as a family business that other businesses probably haven’t had to experience? What advice do you have for overcoming this struggle? 

Transitioning from one generation to the next is challenging. Our company was founded by John Waddy, Sarah’s father, in the 1980s. In 1997, he approached us about moving to Hilton Head and eventually taking over the reins. And eight years later, we purchased Island Getaway, making it a second-generation business. Studies show that roughly 60 percent of family businesses make it to the second generation and only 10 percent to the third. History and emotions run deep in every family, but to succeed, everyone needs to be on the same page and work together for a common goal.

What is the most important thing to remember when running a business? 

Your reputation is the one thing that you have complete control over. The majority of people will forgive but not forget. If you always do the right thing, they won’t have to do either.

What three lessons have you learned from starting a family business?

1. There are no guarantees. No matter how well the business is doing, some things are out of your control. The recession and Hurricane Matthew showed us that you should not take anything for granted.

2. The pandemic introduced unprecedented challenges for the entire planet, but particularly for families.  We were fortunate to spend the height of the lockdown with our whole family and reflect on our appreciation for what we have. It also allowed us to focus on the company’s future and brought Archer on board, adding a third generation to Island Getaway Rentals.

3. You are more capable of overcoming adversity than you think. The world is going to keep spinning regardless. Staying positive and using the support of your family and friends will get you through just about anything.

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