The Campbell Family, Optical Solutions
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Family Legends: The Campbell Family

This family of optometrists always sees eye-to-eye when it comes to business

The Campbell Family, Optical Solutions

Maureen, as a mother, what is the most gratifying thing about having your entire family work together?
It is so gratifying observing Michael and Kevin become professional adults. I’m so proud of how they treat their patients and respect their father.

Michael Jr., what is the biggest challenge you have overcome working with your parents that others may not experience?
The biggest challenge I have overcome is making my father and mother go on vacation while feeling and knowing that the business is in great hands. I make sure to keep the same expectations that patients have had from my parents for over 35 years.

Kevin, what’s the number one piece of advice you’d give to anyone running and working in a family business?
Value your staff as much as you can. Being a family business, you know how you treat your family members within the business, so do your best to treat other staff the same.

What three lessons have you learned from starting a family business?

1. Finding qualified, dedicated workers to help continue the growth of our practice and giving quality customer service are the two keys to success. 

2. Staying in close contact with all family members is necessary for continued success. Having your family around makes any problem seem smaller and more manageable. 

3. Concentrating on the bigger issues, good or bad, and avoiding micromanaging each situation has been something I’ve had to refine over the years, especially with my sons joining the practice. 

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