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Family Legends

By Bailey Gilliam

To many, the phrase “family business” conjures up images of small companies with a narrow focus and a stereotypical set of problems like squabbles over succession or internal power struggles. While plenty of mom-and-pop shops certainly fit that description, it doesn’t reflect the powerful role that family-controlled enterprises play in the local and world economy. Family businesses focus on resilience and can withstand more than the average corporation. And with a family-oriented approach to customer service, it’s no wonder that local family businesses have become legendary in the community. These local authorities prove that despite the struggles that come with working with relatives, family businesses can and do thrive under any circumstances. 

Meet our seven family legends: the Campbell family of Optical Solutions, the Fargione family of Al & Harry’s, the Baltzegar family of Stoneworks, the Gadue family of Lincoln and South, the employee-owned Greenery family, and the Brooks family of Island Getaways.

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“I don’t like the word ‘dynasty,’ but that’s what it is. It’s not just a business. There’s a lot going on in the background.”  — Jake Dyson

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