Five easy holiday tactics to grab attention for your business

Grow your bottom line with these high-ROI ideas

By Barry Wilson

The holidays are upon us, giving smart business owners the opportunity to raise their businesses’ profiles and attract new customers. No matter what industry you’re in, high-quality, eye-grabbing print materials can go a long way toward a better bottom line. And there’s no time like the holidays to connect with people and create a positive connection with your brand.

Here are five holiday ideas to help you get attention and kick-start your business for 2022.

Personalized holiday cards

A well-crafted holiday card is a great way to strengthen relationships with customers, as well as reach out to prospects you’d like to do business with. Nothing says “we care” more effectively, and this is the perfect time to make that personal connection with a custom card. 

Holiday-themed brochures and booklets

A holiday-themed brochure or booklet will help associate your product or service offerings with the festivity and joy of the season. Your customers are already primed for holiday excitement, and this is your chance to build that bridge between your brand and the celebration of the season.

Holiday signage

Analytics show that great signage translates to more sales. This is especially true during the holidays, when consumers are more likely to be out and about, gazing into storefront windows as they shop. Holiday signs that advertise your products or services will draw people towards your store, translating to more business and excitement around your brand. 

Custom holiday stickers

Stickers with branding on them can be a wonderful way to boost your brand recall and advertise your services. For the holidays, a printer can design a holiday-themed sticker line to put on packaging or to hand out to customers. If it’s a great design, people may even put the stickers on their laptops or water bottles, effectively giving you free advertising. 

Branded holiday wrapping paper

The holidays are a great time to have fun and be creative with your brand, and custom wrapping paper is a useful gift your key clients will appreciate. Make it festive and fun, not businesslike. Your customers will remember this long into the new year.

Holiday marketing for any business, big to small, from restaurants to Realtors, is a wonderful way to celebrate, drive sales and strengthen relationships.

Barry Wilson and his wife, Rita, own and operate AlphaGraphics, serving businesses of all sizes in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort and surrounding communities.

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