Get Smart: Cone of Silence

Well Chief, would you believe… that smart ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere? Smart people are where we look first. People like Mark Cuban to see what he is reading, watching and listening to. Companies like Alpha Graphics who think differently about what could be a boring door sign. And tech experts like the guys at Custom Audio Video who can update a work environment to be safe and sound. We have removed the Cone of Silence to share more details.

Think smart 

When we see Smart Stuff, we want to share it to inspire you to think differently and have fun when growing your business. Whether it is a Business Health Check-Up, a horoscope for your business or using technology differently, we hope these examples spark a good idea and bring a smile to your face.

Here’s an example in our own back yard

Why hang a boring “Use Front Door” sign when you can have fun with different colors and images like Furniture Warehouse Design Gallery?

Furniture Warehouse Design Gallery (FWDG) in Beaufort hired the team at Alpha Graphics to put directional signs on the side doors to ask customers to use the front door. Alpha Graphics could have put an arrow with “Use Front Door” and completed the job as requested. Instead, they had some fun with color and the line “Your beautiful home starts at our front door.” It doesn’t cost more to be creative, sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective.

Get creative

Often tasks become rote and the outcome is what is expected, literally. For example, the sign on the men’s and women’s bathroom doors can simply say Men and Women. Or you can bring a smile to your customers, guests and employees’ faces by simply adding a creative twist.


Creative Twists:

According to CNBC, Mark Cuban’s advice to college students in 2020 was: “Just chill. Don’t stress.” Good advice for all of us.

What’s Mark Cuban up to now?

We sniffed out what this entrepreneur, Shark and owner of the Dallas Mavericks is reading, listening to and saying.


Cuban gave “Rework” by David Heinemeier Hansson a glowing review: “If investing in someone who has read ‘Rework’ or has an MBA, I’m investing in ‘Rework’ every time. It is a must-read for every entrepreneur.”

Listening to 

According to an interview with Arianna Huffington, Cuban wakes up and falls asleep to episodes of “Law and Order.” That one was a surprise. 


Listen to the Business Casual podcast to hear why Mark thinks that perfection is the enemy of progress as leaders respond to Covid-19.


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