Growing seamlessly

With key product and service advantages, this local business gets people’s minds into the gutters

By Ellen Linnemann

The Leaf Relief gutter-protection system is the most advanced technology on the gutter market. Spartina Seamless Gutters is the only Leaf Relief contractor in Bluffton.

While working as a builder and remodeler in the Hilton Head area in 2018, Andrew Snodgrass needed gutters on his own home. As a customer, Snodgrass — who had worked in the gutter business in Orlando — quickly realized two things. The first was that most homeowners were paying more than he thought they should for the quality they were getting. And second, he saw a major business opportunity.

Snodgrass launched his gutter business in 2019, offering top-quality, competitively priced seamless gutters with a streamlined, personalized approach to product selection and installations. What began as a one-man shop doing home-gutter installations quickly grew to include commercial gutters, growth that was bolstered by word of mouth and hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews on Home Advisor and other review sites.

Today Spartina Seamless Gutters (spartinaseamlessgutters.com) has a full team of gutter professionals and skilled installers specializing in installing and repairing residential and commercial seamless gutters throughout the Lowcountry. Spartina only uses the highest quality gutters that are coated on the inside for added protection. It offers a 15-year warranty on service, about 5 years longer than most other gutter companies.

“Providing our customers with consistency has been a key factor in Spartina’s growth,” Snodgrass said. 

“Some of the key things I think we have done to grow the business include showing up on time when we say we will, as well as being consistent with both our products and services. This consistency has made a difference and has led to our customers recommending us to other customers, which has been an instrumental part of our growth.” 

Spartina partners with Leaf Relief® by Ply Gem, the first and only contractor in Bluffton providing customers with the most effective gutter protection on the market to keep pine needles, twigs and leaves from blocking gutters.

“There is never a dull moment owning a small business,” Snodgrass said. “I’ve learned to be very patient and not force things.”

Spartina Seamless Gutters plans to launch maintenance plans for their gutter customers, as well as purchase a half-round gutter machine to run half-round seamless gutters. “We’re also expanding our territory to cover a larger area,” he said.

“Since launching the company, we’ve focused on providing customers with the three things we know are the most important to them: quality products, quality workmanship and reliable, on-time service,” Snodgrass said. “By consistently providing that to our customers and earning their satisfaction and trust, we’ve been able to greatly expand our customer base and know that our positive reviews and personal recommendations will remain an important factor in our continued growth in the years ahead.”

Three takeaways from Andrew Snodgrass

Snodgrass offers these tips for business owners looking to grow their business – especially those in the booming home-improvement industry. 

1. Show up on time, every time – or even better, show up early. “In addition, when you get there, make sure to work hard, because it’s noticed,” he said.

2. Consistency is key. “Consistency has been one of the most important factors in our growth. Every day we are as consistent as possible for every customer we serve.”

3. Be honest. “Honesty in every aspect of our business is very important to create values and a positive culture,” Snodgrass said.

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