How do you balance business and your personal life?

“I may be an anomaly, but I find balance by not separating my professional life from my personal life. I’m available for our business when we are on family time, and I’m available for my family when we’re on business time. As of now, this approach hasn’t been very intrusive, and I don’t have to choose between one or the other.”

— Mike Trezza, Trezza Termite & Pest Control

“I balance work and life by having the mentality that work tasks will still be there tomorrow, but my daughter’s first basketball game won’t. A work-life balance does not come naturally. You must make the decision to be conscious of it and work each day toward accomplishing it.”  

— Stacy Floyd, Memory Matters 

“I’m a print and TV news reporter who also works as a communications coordinator for a nonprofit. I’m deadline driven, and things can get stressful when all my media worlds collide. But to unwind I like to shoot photos of rock stars and famous musicians onstage and backstage. The energy of a live music performance is infectious, and it recharges me. I currently have an exhibit of 38 of my favorite pictures I snapped on display in Las Vegas, including shots of Jimmy Buffett, Duran Duran, Nick Jonas, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Chaka Khan, Kid Rock, Ed Sheeran, Gwen Stefani, Sting and Keith Urban.” 

— Leslie Snadowsky, reporter

“The key to my achieving a good work-life balance is to create separate spaces and keep regularly scheduled times. I’ve found that being able to ‘leave work’ by walking out of the workspace and closing the door and walk into your home allows for me to transition to non-work life. I do this at a regular and consistent time so I can shift focus to home and family. Working with my husband, we also make it a practice to not talk shop at dinner, on weekends, vacations, etc. We fail at doing these things at times such as during the busy holiday season, but this is our goal, and we are not too hard on ourselves when work and life overlap, which brings in two other key points to find the balance — grace and forgiveness.”

— Mandy Arnold, Eagle Creations

“The work-home life balance is something I am still working at balancing. With being in the service/construction industry, you are never ‘clocked out’ after 5 or on the weekends. Though we have an after-hours call center, I am available for my clients at all times to answer questions or assist with service emergencies. The downside to always being ’on call’ is that you are on your phone a lot or checking it often. With still being available to assist my customers and their needs, I make sure to make time to ‘be present’ with my family and disconnect for a bit. My clients know that our office number is always there for their emergency needs. My daughter, Stella, is 6 and won’t be a kid forever. My husband and I want to soak up these moments that we have as much as we can. I’m not perfect and definitely have moments where I spend a lot of time on my phone, whether it’s sending and checking emails or making or answering calls. On busy days I tend to think that if I keep it nearby and just check it ‘occasionally’ and still be in the moment, that’s OK. However, I know it’s not, but at times I have to be ’on call’ and work during family time, but I keep my daughter as my focus and keep work efficient and in moderation.” 

— Victoria Marangio, Howell-Chase Heating & Air Conditioning

“As a cinematographer and photographer, managing my work and personal life can be challenging. There are so many moving parts with a single project such as pre-production, scouting, scripting, prep, filming, editing and more. My hours are at the mercy of the client: what type of imagery needs to be produced and the amount of editing time involved with the project. To ensure that I produce the best possible product while giving myself time to spend with my family requires planning, diligence to stay on task and communication between the client and myself. Proper planning and scheduling allow me to be as efficient as possible, keeping me on task and allowing me to prioritize my time to what is needed at that moment. This process not only allows me to produce exactly what my client expects but, more importantly, deliver that product on time. This leads to an efficient production process, allowing me to know my tasks each step of the process and allowing me to shut down work, both physically and mentally, to focus on my family. Family absolutely comes first, and properly managing that work-life balance not only enriches the relationships you have with others. It is essential to a healthy lifestyle.”

— Ryan Greco, Moonlight Productions

“Finding the perfect work-life balance is a never-ending balancing act. On my 40th birthday I decided to prioritize my personal and professional goals and how to achieve them ‘my way.’ To do so, I carved out a rigid schedule for work hours. I set expectations early and often with my clients and co-workers when I am available and when they should expect any deliverables. I do the same with the family, reminding them constantly to plan ahead for any out-of-the-ordinary requests. My secret tool is Google Calendar. I block time for work and play and schedule weeks ahead. By using a calendar to organize my days and weeks, I can be where I need to be and fully engaged at that time. It appears seamless to others who don’t know the amount of planning that goes on behind the scenes.”

— Kathryn Drury, Drury Consulting

“My wife, Lyn, and I own and staff Red Piano Art Gallery just about every day. After commuting to the island for 28 years, we consider it quite the blessing to be working in Bluffton, just a short drive from our home in Moss Creek. Our downtime is spent in our home enjoying the view of the marsh from our back deck. For fun we like to attend concerts. The year before COVID, we saw The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Segar, The Rolling Stones and Steve Miller, who had Peter Frampton open for him. So far this year, we saw America in concert in The Johnny Mercer Theatre in Savannah and Steely Dan in North Charleston. A big highlight for us this year will be Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas Concert at the new Enmarket Arena in Savannah. So fine art, live music and some good wine certainly go a long way for us in regard to the things we love to do in achieving a work-life balance.”

— J. Ben Whiteside, The Red Piano Art Gallery

“The million-dollar question, one of which I am not sure that I have really figured out just yet. I would love to be able to tell you that I have the answer and can help you achieve it too. In all reality, achieving work-life balance looks different for each person. What might work for me might not work for you, and vice versa. No matter the responsibility, I was raised to give 110 percent, or I would simply have to redo it. Since relocating to Bluffton, I have involved myself in my career at the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce and throughout various leadership roles, organizations, committees and more in our community. It is important to me that I am wholeheartedly involved in and give back to my community, but with involvement comes great responsibility and hard work. Now work-life balance becomes complicated. The difference, in my opinion, is passion and the willingness to go above and beyond what is expected. Each day looks completely different for me, but it often consists of early mornings and late nights because I am involved in or working on something that I believe in and am passionate about. However, the early morning and late nights begin to consume my life and take away from work-life balance. With that being said, I find balance in protecting my weekends. Weekends, for me, are for family, exploring, re-energizing, and filling my cup; after all, you can’t pour from an empty glass. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to work-life balance, so find what works best for you and make it happen. Just be sure that it makes you happy and refills your cup.”

— Natalie J. Osterman, Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce


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