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How one dental practice aligned its brand with its altruistic goals

Rebranding Q&A with Dr. Matt Mastrorocco, DMD, that will make you smile.

[LOCAL Biz] Dr. Mastrorocco, you have had a very successful dental practice for over 17 years. Why did you decide to make such a transformational change?

[Matt Mastrorocco] In the winter of 2019, my team and I began a rebranding initiative that extended well beyond the creation of a new practice name, logo, and colors. We took a hard look at our business model and messaging that had placed me, the dentist/owner, at its center. While this is a common, traditional approach for a private dental practice, it didn’t do the very thing it should: tell the story of who we are and where we want to go (and grow).

[LB] What was the first step in your brand transformation?

[MM] After building my practice on Hilton Head for 17-plus years, we wanted to continue to flourish so that it could have a larger, positive impact on my team and community. It started with new vision and mission statements homing in on our core values, placing this idea firmly at our center and clearly in black and white. “The mission of ROC Dental Group is to continually improve and enhance our practice so that we may offer the best quality of life to our team, patients, and Lowcountry neighbors.”

[LB] Mission and visions statements often get put in a binder and are forgotten about. How is it different at ROC?

[MM] For me, putting this mission into action means making sure my team members love to come to work and are supported in their personal lives so they can provide an exceptional patient experience, and support local nonprofits financially and in our advertising. For example, recently my staff voted on a roster of “ROC star charities” that receive recognition in our print ads, social media promotions, and patient newsletter as well as a $1,000 donation. When my employees feel empowered, it contributes to the incredible care they give our patients from that first phone call until they depart our office.

[LB] Would you say your rebranding has been successful?

[MM] Absolutely. Our rebranding was a catalyst for continued growth. While we added two new amazing dentists and are growing our financial results, most importantly, we are making a difference in the lives of our team, patients and community.

Tips for a successful rebranding:

Start with your mission (‘your reason for being’). A clearly defined mission will lead to a well-articulated brand. 

Engage employees, customers and community. A brand isn’t something to ‘push as’ employees and customers. Your audiences should feel a part of the brand.

Be clear, consistent and concise. Colors, fonts, logo and imagery should be consistent everywhere, including uniforms, signs, collateral, advertising and website. Details matter.

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