How to be more competent in 10 seconds

Grammarly is a free app that will make your writing better. In fact, it gave us the option of choosing “more competent” for this article’s headline. You don’t need to be a magazine writer to benefit from Grammarly, you just have to be someone who cares that their writing communicates effectively, professionally and accurately. It is a free app that can be installed on your desktop and mobile devices to check word documents, emails and even text messages. Unlike spell check, it checks your grammar, sentence structure and superfluous words while offering suggestions.

Do you need Grammarly?


Correct the sentence: The children that aren’t well behaved will not get pie. 

1. The sentence is fine

2. The children, who are not well behaved, will not get pie.

3. The children who are not well behaved will not get pie.

4. The children, that are not well behaved, will not get pie.

Complete the sentence: The color of the dress _________ her eyes.

1. Compliments 

2. Complements 

Which is correct?

1. I will go to the concert irregardless of the time it starts.

2. Regardless of the time the concert starts, I will go.

PRO TIP: If you use the word irregardless, download Grammarly now. 

How many did you get correct? See for yourself by downloading the Grammarly app or find answers on the LOCAL Biz Facebook page.

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