How to get 295 Google Reviews and a 4.9-star Google rating

It is simple but it is not easy.

Hilton Head Exterminators opened its doors in 1968 as the first pest control company on Hilton Head Island. There was no internet, no cell phones, but there were a lot of pests. Hilton Head Exterminators knew other companies would follow and that if it wanted to build the largest and best pest control company in the area, it would need to deliver more than pest control. Over 50 years and almost 300 Google reviews later, the company attributes its tradition and solid reputation to one word: Commitment. 

That strategy is so simple, it can be expressed in one word.

But that one word, commitment, is not easy to deliver consistently, especially for over five decades and through many ups and downs in the economy, hurricanes and even a pandemic. So how has this family-owned business built a tradition and reputation on their commitment to the community, employees, and customers? Commitment is ingrained in what they describe as its ‘above and beyond’ culture, starting with the employees. So much so, that Hilton Head Exterminators doesn’t feature its owners or customers in its advertisements, it features its employees. 

“Our employees are proud when they appear in our ads and they appreciate that we truly care about them. We understand that what we say about ourselves in our ads is not as important as what our customers say about us to their friends and how our employees feel about our customers and the jobs they do,” said John Harris, Bluffton branch manager. 

“As a family-owned company, we work hard to ensure all our employees know how much they are valued – from featuring them in ads to providing thorough and ongoing training,” said Brian DeChirico, Hilton Head branch manager. “We treat everyone like family, and that treatment trickles down to our customers.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Over the years, Hilton Head Exterminators’ staff has received hundreds of hand-written letters expressing high satisfaction with their service. Fast forward to 2021 and most of what used to come in the form of letters now comes in the form of online reviews, all of which credit employees for providing above-and-beyond service. A five-star review, like a letter, is the highest possible endorsement because a customer is so happy that they take the time to tell you. For Hilton Head Exterminators, reviews and referrals motivate its team to work even harder to maintain “above and beyond” ratings and internal pride. 

The secret sauce for five-star reviews is …

Drumroll — give five-star service. The secret sauce for five-star service is to commit to it at every level, every day, starting with your employees. At Hilton Head Exterminators, living up to its commitment to a culture of “above and beyond” service means that five-star reviews take care of themselves. 

Check out 297 5-star reviews by Googling Hilton Head Exterminators.

5-Star Review Checklist

  • Give good service.
  • Make it easy for customers to give a review. Pro tip: Send a link to your Google review page right after a service call.
  • Recognize and thank employees for positive reviews.
  • Thank customers for positive reviews.
  • Be proud because a positive review is a big deal.

A common phrase Hilton Head Exterminators hears from customers is its technicians are like family members. Pictured above are branch managers John Harris and Brian DiChirico.

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