In perfect harmony

Shembra Carter’s journey to bring energy balance to the Lowcountry

By Hannah Massen

Energy healing may be rooted in ancient holistic medicine, but as the saying goes for fashion, film, and politics, “what’s old is new again,” even in the medical field – something that Shembra Carter believes the healthcare industry desperately needs. 

After working as a registered nurse in the Lowcountry for over 20 years, Carter was becoming disappointed with the lack of medical options available. No matter what new medications or surgical devices appeared on the market, she felt as though the industry was consistently “one step forward, two steps back,” and her patients were paying the price. 

With the influx of overprescribed medications, Carter noticed that too few of her patients were truly healing from their ailments, with the majority merely managing their symptoms. 

After coming off a 12-hour shift one night, Carter was winding down with Gaia TV when Gail Lynn, inventor of the Harmonic Egg, came on screen. 

“After watching the interview, a feeling came over me so strongly. One that I’ve never had before,” Carter said. “I had to have a Harmonic Egg. Within a week of watching the interview, I booked a trip to Colorado, met Gail, got into the egg and bought one!” 

And so, Equilibrium, Carter’s energy therapy center in Bluffton, was born (er, hatched). Energy therapy is associated with Asian healing practices like acupuncture, yoga and Qigong and is based on the theory that illness is the result of blockages or imbalances in the body’s life energy. These healing techniques work to unblock or re-balance that life energy and restore the body’s natural energy flow. 

The Harmonic Egg operates under similar principles. Using frequencies and vibration emanating from music and light within a resonant chamber, the Harmonic Egg guides a person to a state of relaxation. Some have likened this to achieving “Shavasana” in yoga. 

“Everything is energy, including us at the cellular level,” Carter said. “We are vibrating beings of light, so it makes sense to use those same principles to heal the body. We have forgotten that the body is a self-regulating organism. It is the most magnificent design ever made. It is programmed to heal itself under the right conditions. The Harmonic Egg primes the body for this natural healing to occur.” 

Equilibrium opens the Harmonic Egg to people seeking therapy for anxiety and stress, pain and injuries, illnesses and past traumas. Carter has seen some patients find relief from autoimmune disorders, chronic illnesses, PTSD and beyond while behind the egg’s geometric walls.

She says that the best business strategy she’s used so far is getting to know each of her patients individually. She’s able to recommend treatment plans based on their unique needs, and word-of-mouth marketing has made an enormous difference to her business. 

But no matter what brings a patient to Equilibrium, Carter says that the Harmonic Egg’s “magic” can only go so far. 

“Finding a work-life balance is so important,” Carter said. “I have seen the repercussions of people waiting too late as far as their health is concerned. Finding time to reduce stressors in your daily life can have profound effects on your physical body.”

Three Takeaways

1. Trust your intuition. Honestly, if I had put too much thought into it, I probably would not have gone through with it. My logical brain told me no. “New technology, energy healing, no one has heard of it, never owning a business before, all you know is nursing,” but this little nagging voice would not quiet down. This feeling I had would not go away, and I had to trust my heart and go with what I felt, not what I thought. No regrets!

2. You must be willing to work hard, every day. There are no days off when you own your own business. Keeping your service in the awareness of new and old clients is the goal, and it takes dedication, patience and time.

3. Enjoy! I can honestly say I have found my soul’s purpose. And as long as you are in service to others, you will always be abundant.

The Harmonic Egg uses frequencies and vibrations emanating from music and light to unblock and restore the body’s natural energy flow.

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