Make your mark

Top qualities of showstopping logos

By Kaziah Howard

I’ve got 99 problems, and my logo is all of them.

The logo is the heart of a company’s brand and often the first contact many have with your business, making an excellent first impression crucial. Designers agree there are five qualities that make a logo stand out. Use these principles to make your mark.

1. Simple is not boring. 

The Nike swoosh. Apple’s namesake symbol. The Target bulls-eye. Some of the most recognizable logos incorporate simple, intuitive design. People focus on a logo for a few seconds, making a simple design easier to recall. It’s key for marketing and brand awareness. Focus on shape, color pattern, and emotive fonts that will effectively illustrate your brand.

2. Stop having an identity crisis.

It is all too common to forget to incorporate your brand’s identity and goals in logo creation. Ranging from subtle nods to the obvious, when executed well, it can make your logo iconic. Think FedEx, Tour de France, Toyota, and Amazon. 

3. Jump off the tightrope. Balance your brand. 

A well-balanced logo is harmonious and polished. People respond best to symmetry. It is the reason Comic Sans is one of the more deplorable typefaces. A structured logo echoes the structure and stability of your brand. 

4. Opposites attract. 

Opposing elements give your logo the wow-factor you want to associate with your brand. Experiment with differing fonts, shapes, and color contrast for a standout design. 

5. This isn’t Game of Thrones, but hierarchy does matter. 

What’s your why? The five Ws are a lot of information to convey in a logo. Place essential points – like your business name – at the top or center, with additional brand identifiers below or surrounding it.  

Your business should stand out, and so should your logo. Apply these tips to create a brand asset that goes above and beyond, providing instant brand awareness for your audience.

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