Networking is an art and science

How to be a pro in six easy steps

Love it or hate it, networking works. And like any other skill, practice and preparation improve your odds of success. Here are a few things you can do to further increase those odds. 

1. Make a list of appropriate networking events

Check the Chambers of Commerce, your industry associations or your clients’ associations. 

2. Make a list of the people you want to meet

Think big. This can be decision-makers at your dream prospective client or a person you have tried forever to meet and had no luck. 

3. Attend as many events as you can

In this case, quantity matters. It takes practice and timing to connect with the right people. 

4. Shake hands and make eye contact

That sounds very basic but especially since the pandemic, a good handshake is a forgotten art. Do be sensitive to how people react to your gesture.

5. Ask for an introduction

The event organizers are often happy to make introductions or ask someone you know to introduce you. If all else fails, make your own introduction. 

6. Accept business cards

It might not be your style to hand out cards immediately, but if someone gets up the nerve to give you theirs, be polite and accept it graciously. 

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