Q1 2022 BusinessScope

Whether you’re looking for work, a raise, or a promotion, look to the stars to find out where your professional life is headed.

By Mama Odie


Sink further into those couch cushions, Aries. These chilly mornings make it extra tempting to check your emails at home with a warm mug and soft music playing in the background. While January might not feel like the ideal time for self-care, there’s nothing wrong with cashing in on those personal days that carried over from last year. If you don’t honor your need for a little R&R, you’ll ram into a wall (literally) before Q2.


Temper your impulse, Leo. Lions are natural-born leaders, which means your first instinct might be to rally the troops and act fast when you see an opportunity. But if something seems too good to be true…well, you know the rest. Triple-check the fine print before you pounce – it might save you (and your team) a major migraine down the road.


Did someone say payday?! You’re aiming for a fresh financial start this quarter, Archer, and you’re on track to hit your mark. This quarter you’ll be motivated to extend your business hours, amp up your marketing efforts or shake hands on a promising partnership – whatever gets you closer to those dollar signs you’ve been dreaming of.


“Boundaries” is your word of the quarter, Taurus. Bulls tend to believe that if they want things done right, they need to do it themselves, but that’s not always true. After all, you hired your employees for a reason. So even if you’re tempted to pick up another project just to save the day or clean up that work “emergency” which could easily be handled by a different department, that’s not the hill you want your soul to die on. Remember, no is a complete sentence.


With 2021 officially behind us, you’re embracing an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality this quarter, Virgo. Your practical sign is ready to buckle down and do some housecleaning. Those 12-year-old documents? Shredded. Your 2022 objectives? Approved. The noisy, black-tar coffee maker in the breakroom? Yeah, it’s time to splurge on an upgrade. And that outdated vacation-day policy? You might be ready to adopt a more flexible business model or make other major policy changes.


Momentum…or mayhem? Capricorns’ work ethics are unmatched, but as you move full-steam-ahead with your new year’s plans, you risk getting derailed by competing deadlines and jam-packed days. You want to do it all, Cap, and we believe you could – but not at the risk of your sanity. The stars are urging your ultra-productive sign to prioritize. Taking things one day (or hour!) at a time could be a lifesaving practice. Break big projects down into small tasks, and look for ways you can be more efficient with your time, budget and habits.


Be careful not to go into “analysis paralysis,” Gem. Your mind is both a blessing and a curse: on the one hand, your quick wit has led to some of your biggest breakthroughs, but on the other hand, over-analyzing the details can send you into a tailspin. Don’t let the nitty-gritty leave you frozen in your tracks. When you put the spreadsheets down and take some time to get out of your head, you’ll be able to see the big-picture more clearly when you come back to your desk.


As the sign of the scales, Libras are especially concerned with achieving peace and harmony – sometimes at their own expense. If you feel like you’ve been getting the short end of the stick, the stars are giving you the green light to voice your concerns. Selfless Libras sometimes don’t realize that it’s alright to speak up if they feel they’re being taken advantage of. After all, true harmony can only be achieved if your happiness is weighed in as well.


Get out there, Aquarius! And we mean way out there. Dreamy Aquarians have a serious case of wanderlust right now that Pinterest just can’t cure. Explore new vistas and wriggle out of confining situations. Book a weekend getaway, take a personal-growth workshop, or plant the seeds for a startup venture. A little change of scenery might be just what you need to feel inspired again.


Who says the personal and professional can’t mix? This quarter you have cosmic license to prioritize your passions. Doing more of what you love at work will make it easier to love what you do. If you have a serious case of wanderlust, why not organize a corporate retreat this year? If you have an eye for photography, start offering your services to clients as an added bonus. You might be surprised at how profitable your passions are.


Step on the accelerator, Scorpio! Scorpions are known for their determination, and with your ambition getting turned up to 11 this quarter, there’s nothing you can’t do. Deadlines and demands will also ramp up now that you’re on a mission, so you’ll have to be vigilant about managing your schedule if you want to make serious strides towards your goals. You don’t have time for drama and nonsense right now, so mute your notifications, drink that shot of espresso, and get to it – the only way to go is up!


Our productivity issue was practically written for you this quarter, Pisces. How can you make your money and your connections work harder for you? The stars are calling you to work smarter, not harder this month. Look at how you could combine your superpowers with a savvy, well-connected collaborator for mutual gain, or what workflows would make life easier at the office.

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