Q1 2021 BusinessScope

Whether you’re looking for work, a raise or a promotion, look to the stars to find out where your professional life is headed.


You’ve got money on your mind, Aries. Budgeting, planning and creating stability weren’t easy last year, but you’re currently on track to rev up your revenue. This quarter, you’ll be motivated to push a promising project past the finish line or to let prospective clients and employers know you’re open for business – whatever gets you closer to those dollar signs you’ve been dreaming of. 


While the illusive work-life-balance feels out of reach for many of us, now’s the time to find a happy medium between your personal and professional lives, Leo. You work hard and deserve time to play hard, too. Set boundaries that clearly differentiate your time off from your time on. You’ll be thankful you did this at the start of the year so that you’re not still receiving late-night texts from employees in June. 


It’s time to get set up for success, Sag. You may feel like doing some proverbial housekeeping, so carve out time to review your business budget. If you need to make adjustments, January is the perfect time to do so! You should also revisit your calendar and make sure your current schedule is working for you. Think: less stress, more productivity — and time left over for fun. 


If you can dream it, this is your time to do it, Taurus. Your enterprising instincts are razor-sharp right now, so if you come across an interesting opportunity, investigate! If the situation seems lucrative and worth your time, pursue it. Just remember that money isn’t the only motivating factor. Will this project help you grow? Does it speak to your soul?


Your passion projects and solo endeavors are about to take center stage, Virgo. If you’ve been considering starting a side hustle, you have the cosmic green light to go for it. Start wherever you are, even if you’re a total newbie. Sign up for a class, talk to someone in the field or tap an experienced mentor who can open doors. Whatever seeds you sow now will be ready to reap by Spring. 


Easy does it, Capricorn. You might have a million things on your to-do list, but you have to put on your own mask before assisting others. You’re a known workaholic (it’s ok, we can relate) but you’ll be more productive later if you prioritize self-care now. Hold off on any big new ventures and put the finishing touches on lingering projects. Sneak in a few siestas, take a weekend getaway, or catch up on your favorite show – whatever helps you recharge. 


Itchy feet are no surprise given how long we’ve been under restrictions, but Geminis will have an especially strong desire to seek out and try new things this quarter. Your mission is to broaden your horizons. How about earning a certification in content marketing or management? Ready to roll the dice on a business startup? A step outside your comfort zone might be just what you need to feel inspired again. 


Ready, set, visualize! You’ll be thinking big and feeling optimistic this quarter, Libra, so don’t be afraid to daydream. The ideas you have while zoning out during your 2 o’clock meeting might be some of your best yet. Just make sure to keep a notepad handy to jot down potential million-dollar ideas. 


This is your time to take the lead, Aquarius, and you’re stepping up to the plate. You know how to make yourself known, so do it. If you haven’t been asserting yourself or getting the acknowledgment you deserve, ask for it. And if you’ve been waiting for the right time to spearhead a project, this is it. 


Put some steam into your team, Cancer! Whether you commune on Zoom or do some socially distanced networking, this quarter is ideal for inspired connections with like-minded people. You could form a fruitful business partnership or align with someone who’s interested in going in on a project with you. Just remember to stay in touch with your old contacts, too.


Speak up, Scorpio! Right now, you’ve got something to say – and people are listening. If you’ve got a message to share, an idea to pitch or an offer to blast to your audience, this is a great time to put the word out. And if you’re not the one spreading the news, someone else will be. Keep your devices charged because long-awaited news could arrive over the next two weeks. 


Stay close to your computer, Pisces, because that promotion or growth opportunity you’ve been waiting for might land in your inbox this quarter. Stalled career efforts will start zooming ahead, and you’re ready to take on new initiatives. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure it’s a job you’ll still be excited about in six months.


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