Q2 2022 BusinessScope

Whether you’re looking for work, a raise, or a promotion, look to the stars to find out where your professional life is headed.

By Mama Odie


You know what they say about deals that are too good to be true, Aries. Rams are usually tempted to charge ahead at top speed when they see an opportunity, but the stars are calling you to be a bit more skeptical this quarter. It always feels great when an old contact comes knocking with a great offer in hand, but ask yourself, do they have your best interests in mind? It might be worth scheduling a second meeting or doing your research before you sign any agreements.


Leos usually have reputations for being a little “extra.” But it’s not always because they want attention, it’s because they feel like if they don’t go big, they might as well go home and never come out again. It’s time to turn down the pressure and get comfortable with knowing when good is good enough. Going the extra mile isn’t worth it if you run yourself into the ground in the process, so listen when the stars say that some self-care is in order this quarter.


Inhale positivity, exhale the stress from a day full of zoom calls, Sagittarius. Ambitious archers tend to aim for the stars, but if you’re so overwhelmed you can’t see straight, you don’t want your arrow to ricochet off the nearest wall and backfire. You may be tempted to take some extra time off this quarter, which is totally ok. You’ll be happy you canceled that 4 o’clock in the long run.


It’s time to take a good hard look at who’s on Team Taurus. Bulls don’t want to be stuck pulling the cart for everyone who wants a free ride, so be honest: who’s been contributing to your professional or personal life, and who just wants to be part of your success story? Giving yourself some healthy distance from people who take more than they give could give you the bandwidth you need to form new partnerships.


Let’s make some money moves, Virgo! You’re poised for profits this quarter, and because organized Virgos are practically experts at budgeting, you may find that you have some side cash left over to put towards your big schemes and dreams. Just remember to spend your money slowly to make sure you see a high ROI.


Who says you can’t teach an old sea goat new tricks? You’re feeling especially curious this quarter, Capricorn, so lean into the urge to learn. Online workshops and informational meetings are great, but new experiences – like taking a weekend trip or picking up a hobby – can teach you as much about yourself as your area of interest.


One look at a Gemini’s computer can tell you how their mind works: there are folders and screenshots all over their desktop. But that’s (hopefully) about to change this quarter when you get your processes in place. In the spirit of “spring cleaning,” the stars are urging you to get organized and streamline your workflow. Start chunking your work, build a morning routine or whatever helps you stay focused and on-task.


Your goals are taking center stage this quarter, as the cosmic alignments cue a season of major growth for you (is it really chance that you picked up this issue?). It may be the right time to further your career by heading back to school, going full force with a major project or switching industries altogether. But because Libras particularly value harmony, make sure these changes align well with your personal life, too. Will agreeing to supervise a major out-of-state project disrupt your relationships back home, and is taking night classes leaving you enough time to relax?


Take a seat at the head of the table, Aquarius. The stars have appointed you CZO (chief zodiac officer) this quarter because if you’re ready to lead, people will follow. This could be an opportune time to pitch your ideas at the next board meeting or encourage others to take action with you in support of a social cause. And if you’ve been looking to make some new hires, your job opening ads are almost guaranteed to gain traction. But remember to leave space for other opinions. You might be a #boss, but you don’t want to come off as bossy.


There’s a lot we can learn from thoughtful, compassionate Cancers, but this quarter you want to share even more of your expertise. Whether you have strong feelings about something happening in your local community or want to pass on the years of knowledge you’ve acquired over your career, there’s a captive audience waiting for you. Consider joining a mastermind group, signing up to be a keynote speaker or taking on an apprentice. You might even submit an article to your favorite business publication (wink wink). 


Be on the lookout this quarter, Scorpio – the stars are sending you a surprise this quarter. Even if you can’t imagine squeezing one more event or task into your schedule, you might receive an unexpected invitation, business inquiry or offer that has the potential to change everything. And when an opportunity presents itself, in true scorpion fashion, you should be prepared to strike fast. Say yes a little more in the next few months. It might lead to one of your biggest breakthroughs yet. 


Pisces are natural empaths, which is why when someone comes to them with a problem, they’ll stop at nothing to help them through it. But this quarter is a smart time to pinpoint and plug energy leaks or ward off the energy vampires who may be feasting on your emotional bandwidth. You shouldn’t be expected to tend to your tasks at work while mediating calls between your neighbor and their ex, so don’t feel bad about creating some distance.

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