Q3 BusinessScope

Whether you’re looking for work, a raise or a promotion, look to the stars to find out where your professional life is headed.

By Mama Odie


It’s time to focus on your finances, Aries. Whether you’re up for a promotion this quarter or find yourself in a prime position to break into a new market, now’s the time to put your doubts aside and say “yes” – you’ll be all the richer for it. But you don’t have to wait for a financial opportunity to arise by chance to boost your bank account. Whatever your comfort level for risk and growth, explore ways to diversify your portfolio.


Keep going big – and even BIGGER – this quarter, Leo. You’re seeing things from an expansive angle this quarter, so let yourself explore out-there ideas before dismissing them too quickly. Nothing is too bizarre for you to spend at least five minutes thinking through, so allow yourself to consider business challenges or opportunities from new perspectives. Testing unexpected ideas could pay off in major ways. 


It’s time to get out your metaphorical megaphone. You’ve got a message to share, and people are listening. Whether you’ve been batting around some advertising ideas or are thinking of starting a podcast, putting your communication skills to the test could earn you record-breaking views (or downloads, retweets, clicks, listens, etc). So shout it from the rooftops or sing it from the top of your actual office building. You never know when a Sagittarius is involved. 


Cleanup time, Taurus! This quarter, you’re bent on getting those nitty-gritty tasks DONE. All the little things that piled up last quarter (like reviewing your inventory or updating your office software) are shouting your name and refusing to be ignored. Make your to-do lists and start crossing things off systematically. When you take care of the nitty-gritty details, you’ll have more bandwidth to dedicate to larger tasks. 


Two is your magic number this quarter, Virgo. Devote the next few months to forming dynamic duos with fellow professionals who understand your mission and vision. From strategic partnerships to new hires, focus on partnering with people who are willing to “walk their talk” to contribute to your success – so long as the relationship is two-way.


Widen your viewfinder, Capricorn! You’re feeling adventurous this quarter, so even if you’re not able to take a summer vacation yet, there are other ways to indulge your urge to explore. From tackling a new topic of study to launching an indie business venture to publishing your ideas, now’s a great time to take your passion projects for a test drive.


Your sign was blessed with “the gift of gab,” Gemini, and it’s time to put your networking abilities to use. It truly is about who you know this quarter, so schedule those coffee dates, reconnect with old contacts, and start spreading the word about your industry-changing ideas. Take inventory of the people in your inner circle and make sure they’re helping to catalyze your goals. Got a few openings on Team Gemini? Use digital and social channels to connect with kindred spirits who share your ambition and drive. 


As a natural relationship cultivator, you know a lot of people, Libra. But not everyone merits inner-circle status. Sort through your contact list this quarter and notice where you spend the most time. Are your A-list members getting afterthought invitations because you’re spreading yourself too thin? It may be time to prioritize your (many) meetings and coffee dates in favor of the people who matter most. 


You know what they say about “all work and no play,” Aquarius. After a focused quarter where you spent a prodigious amount of time sitting and staring at your computer, it’s time to close the laptop, fire up the group chat, and get something organized! It’s time to ease back into some (safe) mixing and mingling, both socially and professionally. Who knows – you might strike up a game-changing conversation that sparks your next big idea. 


Keep chipping away at those business goals, Cancer. Many entrepreneurs feel pressured to be “overnight successes,” but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business won’t be, either. Small moves add up to big wins, so work towards your end goal one email, one phone call, and one client at a time. Just make sure that all the small tasks fit cleanly into the big-picture so you don’t get bogged down or lose direction.


Set your sights high, Scorpio! If you’ve been waiting for the “stars to align” before launching a product, starting a project, or finding a path that’s more true to you, you have the cosmic green light to GO. You might be fired up with newfound momentum, but don’t forget to rest when you need it. Things may be moving full steam ahead now, but you don’t want to be running on empty by September. 


You’re a natural empath, Pisces, which means that it’s easy for you to put the needs of your team before your own. And while this ability makes you an effective leader, the stars encourage you to lean into your introspective side this quarter. So check in: how are you really? Are you feeling vibrant and inspired? Creatively charged or depleted? Staying attuned to the present moment and your emotional state will improve your mindset. 


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