Q4 2021 BusinessScope

Whether you’re looking for work, a raise, or a promotion, look to the stars to find out where your professional life is headed.

By Mama Odie


This quarter projects a question mark into your most important partnerships, Aries. You’re acutely aware of who’s pulling their weight right now, and if there’s an effort imbalance that’s been zapping your energy, it may be time to re-evaluate who deserves a spot on Team Ram. Move superficial people to the sidelines and put your most trustworthy connections into play. You’ll be better prepared to tackle the holiday rush if you have people you can count on by your side. 


When was the last time you asked yourself what you really want, Leo? Not what’s expected of you, but what you want to get out of your career? Between a wide social network, a mile-long to-do list, and employees who count on you, it’s easy to lose sight of your personal goals. You’re feeling reflective this quarter, so now’s a good time to light a candle, take some deep breaths, and do some good old-fashioned soul searching. Once you remember why you started and know where you want to go from here, make a list of concrete steps you can take to get there.


Pull it back and let those magic arrows fly, Sagittarius. You’re aiming for lofty outcomes this quarter – and are on track to hit your target. This is an ambitious window that you don’t want to squander. Even if you’re on vacation, you can expect to field a few business calls or bring along your work tote (sorry). Your hard work over the holidays will pay off in a big way next quarter – just be sure to keep your limits in mind. 


Time for a siesta, Taurus? The stars are calling you to escape, rejuvenate, and take life at a slower pace. With the holiday season on the horizon, this might not seem like the best time to book a weekend away, but keeping white space in your calendar could make some mental room for even better ideas. When you stop moving at lightning speed, you’re more likely to notice the signs and patterns you missed before.


All work and no play makes a dull Virgo – and we can’t have that on our cosmic watch. The cosmos is calling you to break out of your 9-to-5 routine and let loose a little. Take some classes for a hobby you want to try, get a group together for an after-hours social, or take a weekend road trip to reconnect with the muse. Document the fun you’re having and post it on social media, and don’t be surprised if your fan base grows just because people want to see what a great time you’re having. 


Who says spending time online is a bad thing? For Capricorns, this quarter is all about getting connected – online and off. Update all your profiles and try Googling yourself. If you don’t like what comes up in the search results, use this backspin to get some fresh content onto the interwebs with your name, flattering photos, and recent accomplishments. The stars have aligned in your tech-savvy zone, so sit back, relax, and watch your following grow. 


The autumn air will be positively buzzing with ideas and witty banter, just the way you like it, Gemini. You’re the CEO of clever ideas this quarter. Your imagination is at an all-time high, so keep a pen and paper on your nightstand, a running “brain dump” list on your phone, or find a buddy to bounce around ideas with. Even if most of them end up getting crumpled up for a slam-dunk into the trash can, that’s ok – all it takes is one great idea to totally change the game. 


Let’s rev up the revenue, Libra. It’s time to turn those Libra season epiphanies into tangible wins – and hopefully profitable ones. The stars are aligned over your bank account now, so when you’re ready to invest some time and effort into a new venture, the money will follow. Libras are known for their generosity, but you can already hear sleigh bells ringing and are feeling particularly giving right now. Pick a cause and share the wealth; remember, what goes around, comes around. 


There’s power in numbers, Aquarius. Water Bearers are known for their out-there ideas and big-picture thinking, qualities that will earn you even more committee meeting invitations this quarter. The next three months are prime for collaboration – but remember to share your thoughts wisely. You wouldn’t want to accidentally reveal too much about a potential project at the office cocktail hour only to have someone else pitch it at next week’s meeting.


Buckle down and get busy, Cancer. You may feel like you’re scuttling between one task and the next, but instead of spreading yourself so thin, now’s the time to prioritize. Can you space out a lengthy to-do list for the rest of the year instead of cramming it into an impossible time frame? More importantly, can you nurture the one initiative that matters most – and bless it with your undivided attention? Trim the sails, streamline your systems and follow a schedule when possible so you can have time to get out and enjoy the cooler weather.


Step away from the grind and go mingle, Scorpio. Been working hard on a pioneering project? Bring it to the office holiday mixer and start spreading the news. Are you volunteering at the neighborhood “Fall Fest?” Start networking with other professionals who are a little closer to home. This quarter delivers multiple chances to connect with kindred spirits (and potential partners) in even the most unexpected places. 


On your mark, get set, get ready to go, go, GO, Pisces. After a lackluster holiday season last year (to say the least), this season will be about going big and even bigger – but you’re up to the challenge. You’ll feel a surge of energy this quarter, making this an ideal time to tackle complex projects, host a fundraiser, or learn new skills. But remember to pace yourself – even if you feel like you can do it all right now, you don’t want to be edging into burnout by New Year’s. 

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