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Online and recurring payments could be your golden ticket

By Tami Bream

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is defined as the buying and selling of goods using the internet. In other words, e-commerce is so much more than online shopping. Whether you are a service-based business like landscaping, a professional service or a medical office, your customers want to pay you from the comfort of their homes. And now even restaurants are using e-commerce to their advantage.

In fact, a Consumer Trends study found that a whopping 83 percent of consumers want to pay their bills online and at their leisure. The vast majority also wants electronic invoices and expects data to be secure. 

The study found that a significant number of consumers also enjoy the option of automatic recurring payments, thanks to services like Netflix that trained the consumer. Good news! Recurring payments are not only for subscription services. Legal firms, property owner associations, monthly rentals and schools, among others, can use recurring payments to their benefit. Retainers, regular payments whether monthly, quarterly or annually, and many other fees can be automated. Consumers appreciate this convenience, and you will save time chasing payments and administering invoices. Your cash flow will benefit greatly.

Benefits of accepting online (and recurring) payments

  • Secure payments
  • Faster payments
  • Fewer errors
  • Happier customers (and bookkeepers)
  • Saves employee labor hours
  • Saves money

Easy to set up

It is easy and straightforward for any business to have recurring payments set up and to enable any other e-commerce transactions. It can and should be the same merchant processing system as you use for your in-person transactions. At Equity Payment we have a hands-on consultative approach with merchants. We look at the entire business and potential for growth when recommending processing systems or upgrading a current system. Our concierge-level service assures your staff it has training and support when it needs it. 


Our merchants are usually surprised that a service like recurring payments exists or the ease in which e-commerce can be set up. Merchants are happily shocked by the increase in their profitability and decreased processing costs, all while providing an optimized level of service. For merchants, time is money, so saving both is a win-win and lets them invest more into growing their business.

Tami Bream is chief operating officer of Equity Payment Inc. on Hilton Head Island, a merchant service provider offering credit card payment solutions with fully transparent practices. Learn more at 


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