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Save time with Calendar Apps

Five hours a week are wasted just scheduling meetings

By Mora Timeplease

Online scheduling app Doodle’s research found that businesses waste, on average, 4.8 hours just scheduling meetings. Even with the many scheduling apps and tools, most people still set up meetings the ‘old school’ way, which goes something like this (names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Joe emails five people about meeting for one hour on Friday.

Sam and Sarah respond that only the afternoon works for them.

Jack never responds.

Taylor and Dante both say they can’t make Friday but Thursday would work.

Sam responds yes but only at 3 p.m. 

Jack still doesn’t respond.

Joe responds he is on vacation until Thursday.

You’ve seen this movie before!

Cut the back-and-forth and wasted time by using a meeting scheduling tool. Many tools and apps are free or have free versions, but even if there is a small charge, it will be much lower than the value of the time that is wasted. Here are three simple tools you can try out today: 

1. Doodle 

This is a great and free way to start with a scheduling app. It is easy to use, and for many people the free version is all that is needed to eliminate the back-and-forth emails.

  • Easy booking page for users
  • Automated reminders eliminate no-shows
  • Keep your time private by only showing time slots you choose to share
  • Identify time zones for guests
  • Broadcast updates and changes

2. Calendly 

Over 10 million people use Calendly to simplify meeting scheduling by offering only times that work with your availability. Features include:

  • Add a scheduling link to your website, emails or text messages
  • Send your preferred times 
  • Schedule in-person and virtual meetings
  • Set up automated alerts and reminders
  • Manage your meetings with the mobile app

3. Appointy 

If you teach classes or provide services, this is the tool for you. Your clients can book with you online and free up your time to do what you do best. Features include:

  • Accept bookings 24/7 (55 percent of people book outside business hours) 
  • Share your booking link in social media, ads and on your website
  • Set up automatic appointment and booking reminders for guests 
  • Integrate with payment systems if you want to charge for no-shows
  • Assign staff to appointments to help with staff management 

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