Six ways to crush your Instagram game

By Kaziah Howard 

  1. Stay in the know. Instagram is a chameleon, changing more often than many of us change our air filters. Stay up-to-date on the latest algorithms and features available to maximize your engagement. We’re looking at you, IGTV and reels…
  2. Boost your butt off. As much as organic growth is great, you will see the most effective change on Instagram when you pay to play. This is the best assurance that you will get in front of your targeted buyers, personas, audience, etc. 

  3. Get a compass. The worst thing you can do on social media is creating content without direction. Understanding the goals you have for your business and the people you need to target are crucial. Take time to establish business needs and create buyer personas to ensure your content is effective. Typical goals include increased site traffic, purchase of products or services, and brand awareness.

  4. #HashtagsHaveAPurpose. Hashtags are more than an extension of your caption – it’s a way to organize content for others. Hashtags range from the generic to the niche. While it is OK to incorporate many of these, don’t go overboard. A rule of thumb is to use between three and eleven. Bonus tip: for mobile targeting, write your post but include hashtags in the comment section.

  5. Stop selling, start listening. Your Instagram account is not an excuse to spam followers with sales material. Take a conversational tone in the captions, reply to comments, and interact using quizzes, chat boxes, and reaction bars in Stories. 

  6. Take action. A follower reads your caption, likes your post – and then? Adding a call to action (CTA) in captions tells the viewer how to further engage with you. You can direct them to your website (link in bio), tag products, offer a promotion, or tag other accounts and posts.


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