Social media primer: LinkedIn

Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram might seem hipper than LinkedIn, but none of the ‘social media channels du jour’ should take up your headspace until you have a LinkedIn company page. Regardless of the size of a business, a LinkedIn company page is important for a few reasons: 

  • Credibility: Just as your uniforms, office and clean vans demonstrate your professionalism, a LinkedIn company page adds an additional layer of legitimacy for your business.
  • Help your SEO: When your LinkedIn page and profile are completed correctly, it helps your company show up higher in search engines. You can optimize your LinkedIn page with keywords and other tricks to boost it even more. Visit LocalBizSC.com and click Resources to download LinkedIn Company Page Playbook. 
  • Engage employees, vendors and customers: Similar to other social channels, you can tag people and businesses to give them a shout out and get them engaged in sharing your messages. That’s a great way to build relationships and even prospect.
  • Promote your content: LinkedIn has a built-in publishing platform that allows you to share content directly on LinkedIn, which is especially good for professionals like attorneys and CPAs who want to establish credibility. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds as you may already have content you can repurpose from a blog or website. 
  • Recruiting: If you are hiring, (and who isn’t always looking for great talent), LinkedIn is the place to start. People on LinkedIn are there for professional reasons and LinkedIn offers job posting services that are affordable and easy to manage.

LinkedIn company page basics: Getting started

  1. Complete all the Page details. Every detail counts and helps your SEO. 
  2. Add important Page admins. These will be the people who help update your content. 
  3. Keep your images updated. This includes your logo and your banner.
  4. Share content and engage with your followers. Tag customers, prospective customers, employees and vendors as appropriate. 
  5. Customize your call to action. Do you want people to call, email, or text? Never assume people will know how to get in touch with you. 
  6. Set your notifications. Once you are active, people may contact you through LinkedIn, so make sure you know when they do and that you respond. 

Example of a great LinkedIn company page, according to LinkedIn: You may think Freshbooks is a big company with over 300 employees and customers in over 160 countries, but it started in 2003 in a basement. Anything is possible.

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