Tech tips for small businesses

Three weekly suggestions from a local Tech expert.

By Mark Rossi 

These 3 items listed below should be performed on a weekly basis. We suggest putting an automated reminder in your calendar for each week to help you remember. 

1. Restart your computer. Also, if something isn’t working (internet, etc.) try rebooting. Avoid a hard power down such as the switch on the power strip, or power button on computer. 

2. Verify and confirm all of your security software is working. Check that its subscription is not expired, and that is up to date with a valid license(s). Make an initial call or email to tech support and ask them how to do this, as it’s different between software vendors.

3. Make sure you’re backing up your important data often. Use a backup software or cloud storage. This should be done once a week. 

These are just a few of the helpful tips we share with all of our customers to ensure healthy workstations and data protection.

Mark Rossi is president of KML Computer Services. Since 1996, he has been immersed in the technology field, working in various positions, from hardware technician and network manager to network engineer and IT consultant.



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