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The anatomy of a press release

How to effectively communicate with the local media

Editors are inundated with requests to write about everything from a company or product to a business leader or local volunteer to a lost dog or found cat. The most important, and often overlooked step, is to craft a compelling press release. 

To help with this first step, we have provided an outline of a basic press release. The difficult part is to write your release in such a way that it will capture the attention of an editor.

Send us your press release to info@localbiz.com with the subject line, “How’s this for a press release.” We will give you some free advice to make it better. 

PRO TIP: To increase your odds of success, personalize or customize the release for each media outlet and follow up with each frequently after sending the release. It can pay to hire a professional public relations company that knows the local editor and understands what it takes to get published.

Basic structural components of a press release

1. Headline

Make it an enticing summary of your story. It should be two lines and written in Title Case. 

2. Subheading

Provide a short detail of the story
to add intrigue

3. Date and location

Include the date and location at the start of the first paragraph. (BLUFFTON, July 1, 2022)

4. Paragraph 1

A brief summary of your company and your announcement: who, what, when,
where and why.

5. Paragraph 2

Expand the detail, explain exactly what your company does, provide more detail on the announcement. This can be a quote
from a leader or customer.

6. Paragraphs 3-4

Explain the importance and support with data and sources, including quotes.
(One paragraph may be enough)

7. Final paragraph

Provide a quote, providing the company’s perspective on the announcement.

8. Boilerplate

Place your company’s ‘about us’ paragraph here. It should be factual and not embellished with sales or promotional language.

9. Contact details

Provide the contact details of the person whom the editor should contact
for more information.

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