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The art and science of sales and marketing

Tools and tips that are tactical and practical.

Sales and marketing go together like macaroni and cheese – they just work better together. They share the same ultimate goal, which is usually to attract customers. Afterall, no business can survive without customers and a business will thrive when sales and marketing work in harmony.  This section of LOCAL Biz provides tactical and practical sales and marketing tools and tips as well as local and best-in-class examples of strategies and tactics that work.

The basic difference between sales and marketing is that marketing is an indirect process to attract customers while sales is a much more direct process to attract customers.  It is customer attraction that sales and marketing have in common. In fact, attraction is so important that it has its own law – The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction has moved from a self-help technique to the mainstream business world as you will learn in the following Beginner’s Guide to the Law of Attraction.

In this digital age of selling, an email is often the “warm up act” for a sales person. It’s their chance to make a first impression yet statistics show that the majority of sales emails do not even get opened.  According to Constant Contact, only 14 to 23 percent of business emails get opened, much less read or acted upon. Sales guru Ryan Dohrn shares a few tweaks you can make to an email that can help to make sure it will get opened.

Without cheese, macaroni is, well, macaroni. It’s only when you add the cheese that it becomes Mac ‘n Cheese – it becomes a brand ready to be marketed.

Marketing is a science, so we will take you back to biology class and dissect a print ad and LinkedIn page to demonstrate how to cut through the clutter with a more effective message. And no marketing campaign is complete without public relations and social media, both of which are more important than ever as you look to reboot your marketing plans and sales.

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