The power of grateful thoughts

By Kathie McBroom

Some people believe (myself included) that your success, your happiness, and almost everything manifests from a powerful invisible force: your thoughts. 

Thoughts are not random things that come and go. Rather, thoughts can influence our behavior and actions, which in turn directly impact the outcomes and results in our lives. Even though your thoughts, or what I refer to as “mindset,” are unseen by anyone — in other words, your mindset is internal — its affect is quite visible. According to motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy, your mindset accounts for 80 to 95 percent of your decisions, success, emotions, and achievements. 

Many of the greatest leaders have understood and harnessed the power of mindset. Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of Great Britain, knew the power of mindset and often said, “Watch your thoughts because they become your actions. Watch your actions because they become your habits. Watch your habits because they become you.” Henry Ford, the man that changed the lives of people around the world, profoundly understood mindset when he said, “There is nothing standing between you and success except your thoughts.” 

No matter your age or circumstances, it is never too late to improve your thoughts. A positive mindset will help you to more easily overcome challenges and to have positive relationships, which are key factors for success. The question then is, how do you achieve a positive mindset?

There is no quick fix, yet you can begin to feel different, and maybe even see things around you change, with a few simple steps:

1. Start and end your day by identifying three things you are grateful for and why. (For instance, “I am grateful for the warmth today since it feels good to be outside.”)

2. Speak your gratitude out loud. Saying what you are grateful for out loud has an even bigger impact on your mindset than just thinking a grateful thought.

3. Stop talking about difficulties and fears and replace negative thoughts and worries with a grateful thought or word.

Building a positive mindset is a journey, but it is a journey that pays dividends both professionally and personally. Imagine what it would be like to be confident, assured, and peace-filled despite seemingly negative people, situations and events. The new year is a perfect time to shift into a positive mindset by developing the practice of thinking and speaking grateful thoughts.

Kathie McBroom is the owner of Synergy Business Group, a Bluffton-based business coaching practice with the focus on Building High Achievement Leadership teams within organizations world-wide.


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