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Four steps to a brand revitalization

By Barry Wilson

With the first quarter of 2022 behind you, now is a great time to evaluate your business brand. The marketing environment is always changing. Consumers develop new preferences and competition grows, so brands need to react to those changes to stay relevant. Yours is no different. All businesses need a refresh from time to time. With four simple steps you can refresh and revitalize your business brand, build customer loyalty and expand your reach.

Update designs

Is your brand feeling outdated or just not making the right impression? A graphic design refresh can put a modern spin on your brand to stand out to customers and represent your brand accurately. A professional designer will work with you to understand your business and what makes it unique, then determine how to best communicate it visually in a way that captures attention and makes a positive impression.

But branding is far more than just a logo. It’s also important to establish the fonts, colors and imagery that you’ll incorporate into your brand marketing across all communications and advertising. If your branding isn’t already well established, a designer can help you outline each element of your visual representation. Once this set of brand guidelines has been created, it’ll be easy for you to keep future branding consistent across all touch-points

Refresh print collateral

With your branding elements established, it’s important to make sure that they’re reinforced at every customer touchpoint. A print collateral refresh will start by auditing all of your existing print materials that reflect your brand: business cards, brochures, promotional materials, menus, packaging, product labels and more. Take a holistic view of your entire print output, then find opportunities for improvement.

This step could be as simple as just updating your existing collateral to match your refreshed branding — or it could be a complete overhaul. You might take this opportunity to reprint collateral that is highly visible with customers, like your brochures, on higher-quality paper or even incorporate premium-print finishes. When it comes to reusable items like menus, opting for extra durable or even waterproof paper can help your printed materials stay in good shape for years to come.

You could even come up with new pieces of collateral, or new ways to use existing items. If one of your business goals is to earn more repeat customers, you might create loyalty cards or coupon cards to hand out with purchases to encourage a return visit. Ensuring that you have the right print collateral for your needs is all part of a business makeover.

Rethink signage

Is your business location eye-catching and enticing to passersby? Can customers easily find their way around your store? Does the interior appearance of your business reflect your branding? These are all questions that you should ask yourself as you’re planning your business-brand makeover — and if the answers are “no,” they’re all problems which can be solved with signage.

Signage that’s well thought out, beautifully designed and properly installed can offer many benefits for your business. Way-finding signs ensure a pleasant and smooth experience by seamlessly directing customers where they need to go, while window, wall and floor graphics can reinforce your brand’s visual elements. Seamless navigation and strong branding are both essential to building a memorable and enjoyable experience for anyone who enters your business.

Spread the word

Now you have an exciting refreshed brand you’re proud to show off and a whole suite of high-quality print collateral ready to go. The only thing that’s left to do is to bring in new customers to experience all the positive changes you’ve made.

There is a wide range of print and digital marketing tactics that can help you connect with prospective customers. A marketing professional can guide you through the process to make sure your print and digital presence aligns with your refreshed brand by examining your print creative and brand messaging, SEM and social media messaging, website graphics and more.

Rebranding can be a highly effective way to give your business a shot in the arm. It will be an exciting process, but it is a process that doesn’t happen overnight in order to be done right. Starting now can have you ready to launch your refreshed brand before the holidays.

Barry Wilson and his wife, Rita, own and operate AlphaGraphics, serving businesses of all sizes in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort and surrounding communities.


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