Marketing Resources

7 Expensive Mistakes that Cost Your Email Production Team Hundreds of Hours

This handy checklist will show you the 7 key questions to identify the bottlenecks in your email creation workflow. These are the same questions brands like Google, Box, and BMW answered to slash their email creation time by 90%.


CMO Secrets Revealed

In this book, we’re sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned from our conversations with CMOs and marketing trailblazers who’ve been special guests on our podcasts. So in each chapter, we’ll let you in on a secret we learned from them about marketing.


LinkedIn Pages – Action Plan for Small Businesses

By maintaining an active and updated Page that showcases the best of your brand, members will more easily be able to search, learn, and refer your business to their broader network. We put this guide together to help you get set up quickly and start growing your business on LinkedIn.


How the Facebook Algorithm Works and Ways to Outsmart It

The Facebook algorithm often feels like a mystery, doesn’t it? Surviving the new Facebook algorithm means making some changes to your content strategy. READ MORE

Marketing for Beginners: The Best Articles and Expert Resources

The marketing and advertising industry is a multitrillion-dollar colossus with exciting professional opportunities. But for people looking to begin their journey in marketing, it’s impossible to know where to start. This is your 10-step guide to the best resources in the marketing industry. READ MORE