Turn your online meetings from blasé to blow-them-away

5 creative twists for your next Zoom

By Mary Patterson

  1. Turn virtual meetings into talk shows. The meeting leaders can sit in their living rooms (Oprah style) and talk to distanced employees or guests from the sofa. A simple, single camera and a couple of lapel lavalier microphones will do the trick. This style is much more engaging than the usual faces on a screen, Brady-Bunch style. 
  2. Home office helper. Send your staff a simple branded document or video with tips for turning their homes into a fully functional workspace. Tips can include things like “close the bathroom door,” “clear the clutter on the counter,” and “mute when you are not speaking.”
  3. Refresh your e-learning content. If you don’t have e-learning or online training, now is the time to create it. With PowerPoint and a screen recording tool like Loom (a free Google extension), you can easily transform boring manuals into short videos stored in the cloud for remote access. 
  4. Share the hosting. Shake it up and delegate hosting meetings to your team. It is great for their professional development and, who’s kidding whom, your employees may be tired of your face on the screen. Encourage the meeting hosts to add their personal touches to the agenda with fun ice breakers and breaks.
  5. MacGyver your presentations. Take a tip from TED Talks and turn your boring slide shows into engaging presentations. Your living room drapes can be the backdrop, and you can wear a lapel mic to make sure the sound is strong. Here’s the fun part – you can use your laptop as a teleprompter by putting your script in Word and using a wireless mouse to scroll. Your audience will see your eye contact and confidence, and you will feel like a global TED speaker.


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