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Catch the networking bug: They take care of bugs so you can take care of business

Brian Dechirico, General Manager of Hilton Head Exterminators


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Come in: 2 Cardinal Ct, Hilton Head

Brian, how does Hilton Head Exterminators serve the community? Our core focus is protecting businesses, homes and people from pests. But ultimately, we’re in the customer-service business. So in one way of thinking, keeping homes and businesses pest-free is a byproduct of what we do. Ultimately, we have to take care of our customers to succeed. The backbone of excellent customer service is being prompt, professional and available when customers need us. 

How have you grown to be the largest independently owned pest control company? We have earned that position because we have never compromised quality or service as we have worked to fulfill our mission statement. Our staff consists of trained, certified technicians who can handle virtually every problem when unwanted insects or other animals invade a home or yard. Having an experienced team, problems that seem new or unsolvable are everyday opportunities to provide solutions for our customers. We also recognize that our reputation is being built daily, and we can never rest in our effort to be recognized as the best at what we do.

Would you say that reputation and networking go hand-in-hand? Reputation and networking are synonyms. We’ve been serving the area for decades and have relied heavily on referrals and word-of-mouth reviews. Today’s new term for “word of mouth” is “networking”, consisting of verbal but also online reviews. It’s a proven truth that what customers say is the most powerful form of advertising. Our many positive reviews speak to our commitment to excellence and long tradition of family values passed on to every technician we employ. Today, the first thing a consumer does is look to see what other people say about a business. So, from that perspective, today’s form of networking is very important. I live in this community, and anytime someone asks what I do, and I tell them, it’s always refreshing to hear “Oh, your guys take care of my house. Chris is great, or George is great.” It’s always nice to know that people go out of their way to compliment the folks working with us and help us serve this community.

What sets you apart from other extermination companies?

1. Being family owned, we are empowered and enabled to run the business to serve the customer at the local level. Our competitive advantage is a team of professionals that have the resources and flexibility to do whatever it takes to meet any need that arises. If the customer is happy, then everybody wins. Our entire team knows that no internal process is more important than doing what’s right by the customer. I would say that our key differentiator is that we have built a culture that never compromises.

2. We will always treat our customer’s property as our own, offering precise attention to detail to solve any pest problem. 

3. In summary, customers choose us because we are local and family-owned, offer prompt customer service and customized solutions to fit individual needs and are available for same-day services.

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