Ultimate Network: Josh Cooke

Wake up and smell the success: Local coffee shop owner shares his perspective on the importance of networking

Josh Cooke, Founder, CEO of Corner Perk Brunch Cafe

Meet Josh

Click: cornerperk.com

Call: 843-816-5674 (Bluffton), 843-304-5363 (Hilton Head, new location), 843-298-0716 (Port Royal)

Connect: jcooke7@gmail.com, #cornerperkbrunchcafe, #cornerperk 

Come in: 1297 May River Rd #101, Bluffton, 45 Pembroke Dr #120, Hilton Head (new location) and 1628 Paris Ave, Port Royal

Why do you think people gravitate toward Corner Perk Brunch Cafe to do work? We have worked hard to create a comfortable environment for everyone. Our mission statement is, “Serving artfully crafted goodness to our family, friends, and neighbors.” We must live up to that and make each guest feel right at home before stepping through our doors. We want Corner Perk Brunch Cafe to be warm and inviting. But we also try to make each place creative and inspiring to assist with workflow. This place keeps you moving: the music, the people and all the different flowing parts of it. I also think that when you’re in a brunch cafe, you can be inspired by the other people around you.

As a successful business owner, why do you think networking is important? My favorite things about networking are meeting and getting to know people from all different walks of life. I’ve learned the more you get to know others, the more you know about yourself. The more you get to know each other, the more you see things from a different perspective. There’s always a learning aspect; it’s not just about building your brand or reputation. There are always crossovers; whenever I meet someone new, I walk away with more knowledge and interest in a subject.

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

1. Our team members care about our guests and each other. By motivating our team in different ways than just financially, we have inspired them to take pride in themselves and everything they do. This results in creating a positive and upbeat environment for both our guests and our team members alike. 

2. We are making a difference in our communities. Remembering a bigger perspective is essential. This is NOT just a cup of coffee. Keeping the bigger picture in focus ensures we stay goal-oriented in making a difference right here in Beaufort County and worldwide. 

3. There’s a true sense of our quality. We source coffee all over the world, and we roast it fresh in Bluffton.

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