Ultimate Network: Matt Clark

Game on: Horizon Rehab & Sports Medicine helps you get to the top of your game

Matt Clark, Owner, MSPT, MBA, ATC of Horizon Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine


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Call: 843-671-7342 (Hilton Head), 843-836-7003 (Moss Creek), 843-705-7342 (Okatie), 843-476-4682 (Bluffton)

Connect: matthew.clark@horizonrehabilitation.com, #horizonrehabilitation, #horizon.rehabilitation

Come in: 8 Hospital Center Blvd, Hilton Head, 15 Moss Creek Village, Hilton Head, 16 William Pope Dr, Bluffton and 75 Baylor Dr, Bluffton

Matt, how does Horizon Rehabilitation serve the community? We see what the needs are in our community by listening to people and our local physicians and developing robust and complete programs. We’re one of the few outpatient clinics, if not the only one, offering full occupational, physical, and speech therapy services. We’re certainly the most comprehensive outpatient therapy provider in the area. If you ask for a service, we most likely have it. We have four clinics, so we service everywhere. And one of the reasons people love to live here is because they can remain active even after years of wear and tear. So those little aches and pains can add up to something that needs a little help managing, so that’s what we’re here to do. 

Why would businesses benefit from having a physical therapist in their network? Our occupational therapists look at a person’s work environment, look at the ergonomics of the job and help people return to work quicker and more safely. So if you think about it, many of our jobs involve repetitive standing or lifting. We can look at the way your workstation is set up. We can look at the way you do your individual job tasks and try to minimize injury. 

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

1. We offer a comprehensive array of services and accept almost every insurance company worldwide. So we eliminate any reason not to come and choose Horizon.

2. We have four convenient locations, over 30 specialized programs and a 98.6 percent customer satisfaction rating. We are passionate about what we do and provide in-depth care.

3. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our therapists, the programs we offer, and how we deliver specialized care to our patients. Our programs are specifically designed to fit the local needs of the Lowcountry by providing comprehensive physical and occupational therapy, pelvic health, balance, and vestibular therapy and an extensive sports medicine program.

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