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Umbrella coverage for technology growth

How Hargray ensures Callen Insurance’s communications systems

By Leslie T. Snadowsky

Callen Insurance Service’s mission is to provide “peace of mind” for its clients seeking personal and business insurance services for their property, life, health and wealth. Owner Scott Callen endorses Hargray Communications for brokering the same policy for his premium, full-service firm.

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Analog a liability

As technology systems change over the years, Callen credits Hargray with helping his company adjust, move forward and enhance its professionalism of service.

“I’ve been with Hargray from the start, and they helped me grow and solve my technology issues as I was growing,” he said. “In the beginning, the office was probably very antiquated with just a bunch of phone lines servicing my business. But as Hargray developed their systems, we grew with them.”


Hosted voice platform

“Callen Insurance Services had an old analog system that didn’t integrate well with the other parts of the business,” says Carlton Greene, the sales engineering manager and supervisor of the Unified Communications support team at Hargray, who appraised Callen’s technology. “With Hargray’s hosted voice platform, Callen Insurance was able to bring in voice mobility features, audio, web, video conferencing, data sharing, call control and upgraded voice mail features. Plus, the flexible installation process allowed Callen to customize their phone system to the individual needs of their employees, including new hires.” 

“To remain competitive in his marketplace, Callen needed a hosted voice platform that was flexible, could grow with him and be responsive to enabling him and his team to better serve their clients,” says Kim Epley, vice president and general manager of Hargray’s commercial division.


No-risk blanket coverage

Callen declares Hargray’s support and training services are its biggest asset and his biggest benefits. “I never expected this level of service,” he said. “If I have an issue, sometimes I’ll have someone here in 15 minutes, literally in my office. Hargray is very responsive. They have made all transitions super easy, and anytime I need anything, any training, they are right here helping me.”

“Our training and onboarding model is a strong point for us,” says Hargray’s Greene. “Our support after the installation keeps customers happy.”

“A lot of our competitors ship solutions out to customers and tell them to figure it out,” says Hargray’s Epley. “We customize systems based on our client’s businesses and needs.”


Comprehensive care

Callen claims Hargray’s solutions and upgrades have helped his business grow, translating to better service for and ease of transactions with his clients seeking homeowners, flood, condo and renter, auto, boat, RV, umbrella, classic car, jewelry, artwork, health, life, disability, long-term care and critical illness, retirement income, estate planning and business insurance.

“We have a lot of expertise, both from a technical standpoint as well as from an applications standpoint,” says Hargray’s Epley. “We’re able to seamlessly implement solutions that our competitors find it difficult to do. We’re local in the community and very responsive, so if a customer does have an issue or a problem, we get right out there. That’s what our customers like about us because they don’t have to wait.”

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