Visionary Women: Beverly Serral

Look up and keep going

Inspired by Churchill and Carter, this creative businesswoman is designing her own path forward

Beverly, you are skilled at balancing business savvy with creativity. A testament to that is that one of your properties was featured on The Today Show. That is a big deal. How did you come to be both business savvy and inspired creatively? I’ve always had a creative bent. My first career was as a dancer/choreographer/studio owner where I first melded business and art. For my next act I went into straight business mode (real estate) but quickly figured out how to incorporate design and hospitality. This allowed me to combine my passions and skills to create a unique business model blending real estate, vacation rental and design.

Throughout your career, from dancer to Founder to Concept Creator, you must have faced many challenges along the way.  Was there a recurring challenge that you learned to overcome? My challenges have often been the challengers — the naysayers, and there have been several. I’ve come to realize that the human tendency to attempt to deter others often comes from a place of envy and insecurity, and that makes it easier to shrug off. 

Many young women look up to you as a successful businesswoman and may wonder what they can do to be successful. What advice can you give them? Three quotes on which I lean, and I think everyone can draw inspiration: Never, never, never give up – Winston Churchill; The genius thing we did was, we didn’t give up —J ay-Z; Everything you want is on the other side of fear — George Addair. My advice? Nothing worthwhile is easy. Push through the fear, and don’t give up!

Three Lessons Learned

Do you have three favorite lessons that made a difference for you, maybe you learned them the hard way?

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff. (Richard Carlson). I used to worry about every little thing, which is neither helpful nor productive. So why? Fix what needs fixing and move on! 

2. No one can do it alone. I am my team and my team is my business. Only with a stellar team can your vision come to life. 

3. Listen more. Speak less. And choose words carefully.

Beverly Serral

Concept Creator BESTNEST and BESTNEST/Luxe Vacation Rentals, CEO | BIC Beverly Serral Properties and Design Lead Beverly Serral Designs


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