Visionary Women: Leslie Trenta

The intersection of hard work and kindness


Leslie, you have built a thriving retail boutique and interior design company.  Opening and operating one business is difficult, much less two.  What inspired you to set your sights so high? Without a doubt, my mother was my inspiration. When I am having a rough day or facing a challenge, I think about what she did to raise our family, and that reminds me that I can do anything. My beloved father struggled with mental and alcohol issues, so the burdens of raising three children and providing for the family fell solely on my mother’s shoulders.  She was an incredibly strong and hard-working woman who did everything with such style and grace.  She was a positive role model for me as a person and a businesswoman who inspired me to work hard, care for others and never give up, regardless of how big a challenge may seem.  I hope that my design and retail businesses reflect her style and grace.

Of the many challenges you have faced in your personal and professional life, is there one you recall thinking was the most difficult? I’m not sure if putting myself through college or moving to Washington D.C. without a job was the biggest challenge I faced.  Let’s call that one a tie. I never took no for an answer and with hard work and determination, I found my path in life and happiness. I learned to look ahead and not dwell on the past to move forward.  

If you could give just one piece of advice to help someone achieve their vision for success, what would that be? Follow your passion while surrounding yourself with positive people.

Three Lessons Learned

Life lessons are everywhere. What three lessons have you learned that made a difference for you and may help others?

1. Never give up. Work hard, listen and always be kind. Kindness matters.

2. Adaptability. Always strive to learn and grow with the times. The ability to adapt and evolve will increase your odds of success. And happiness. 

3. Give back to society. Find what is important to you and find a way to help those less fortunate be they man or creature. We are so lucky to live in a beautiful place and it can be easy to forget that many are in need. 

Leslie Trenta

Interior designer and shopkeeper, Marsh on the May


Call: 703-623-7807 

Come in: 43 Boundary Street, Bluffton

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