What’s Your Work-Life Balance Style?


1. What time is your alarm set for? 

A. 6:30 sharp, enough time for me to hit the gym before the emails start pouring in.

B. 7:45, giving me time to scroll through Instagram while I sip my latte. 

C. It depends on what time zone I’m in.

D.9:00, because what’s the rush? If I work from my bed anyway, then I can never really be late.

2. How do you take your coffee? 

A. Black, poured straight from my French press. I add ice when I’m feeling fancy.

B. Three words: caramel mocha frappuccino (you can thank me later).

C. A latte from my favorite local coffee shop.

D. It doesn’t matter what the flavor is so long as the coffee’s hot and plentiful.

3. We know you’re switching screens. What other tabs do you have open during your 3 p.m. Zoom meeting?

A. Only the essentials: the meeting agenda, my team’s slide deck and a blank doc for notes. 

B. Slack, WhatsApp and my email account in case anyone messages me.

C. Do you mean all 72 tabs? All I know is that my laptop is hot enough to fry an egg, and 20 of them are about to crash. 

D. The YouTube video or podcast I paused just in time for this meeting. What?! They keep me company!

4. What do you wear to work?

A. Slacks, blazers and button-downs – functional pieces that work with our dress code. 

B. Bright colors and statement pieces that will get conversations going with our customers. 

C. Light, comfortable clothes that transition well between my in-office and work-from-home days. 

D. You know the drill: all business on the top, elastic waistband on bottom.

5. What’s the one thing you simply cannot go to work without? 

A. My agenda or calendar. It’s the only way I can keep everything straight.

B. A fully charged phone battery. Does this thing ever stop ringing?

C. My enormous tote bag. It holds my laptop, my Nikon and a spare change of clothes (for whatever adventures after-hours might bring).

D. Earbuds. Enough said.

6. How do you break up your workday? 

A. I like to break down my day into small chunks, sometimes in half-hour increments, to better focus and prioritize my tasks. 

B. I hold team meetings and client calls first, then everything else typically falls into place. 

C. I usually need a change of scenery sometime around lunch, so you’ll find me working anywhere from the beach to a café in the afternoon. 

D. Morning, afternoon and night. Does it need to be more complicated than that?

7. Finally, your workday is over! How are you spending your free time? 

A. Free time? There’s still so much to do! 

B. Catching up with friends over a bottle of pinot grigio on my patio. 

C. Exploring local shops and restaurants. 

D. I’ll be in the same place that I started my day: on the couch.

How did you do? Check your answers here: 

Mostly A’s: The Go-Getter

One thing that makes you such an asset to your company, clients and coworkers is that they know they can count on you to get the job done. Your motivation to get up, get goin’ and get ‘er done is something the rest of us only aspire to – but remember to pencil in time for yourself as well. You can only move ahead with all-due speed for so long before you eventually run out of steam. 

Mostly B’s: The Comms Capitan 

Business is all about relationships, and that’s the reason why you love what you do. As you are a probable extrovert, the quality of your day largely depends on your interactions with other people – and so does your sense of work-life balance. You might be fatigued after a full day of staring at a screen, but catching up with friends and coworkers in the break room or after hours is all you need to feel inspired again.

Mostly C’s: The Digital Nomad 

Whether you’re on an official business trip overseas or “researching your audience” around town, you’re rarely in one place for long – which is exactly how you like it. As an outside-the-cubicle thinker, you draw your inspiration from the scenery and culture around you, which is why your idea of a healthy work-life balance involves a lot of day trips. If you haven’t already, consider asking for or instituting a flexible work program that allows you to log on from wherever the open road (or Yelp) takes you. 

Mostly D’s: The Laid-Back Boss

You know what they say: all work and no play makes Jack burnt out. Some people live to work while others work to live, but let’s just say that you’re more interested in the balance side of work-life balance. There’s nothing wrong with taking one (OK – a few) social media breaks during the workday, but make sure you’re not watching the clock because you simply don’t like your job. If that’s the case, it’s time to move on to a career that has you excited to wake up early again.


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